30 Questions for Honobu Yonezawa (From readers)


When Even Though I’m Told I Now Have Wings was published, questions for Yonezawa-san were collected on a special website – and there were more than 400 of them. Here are 30 of the passionate exchanges between Yonezawa-san and the readers, that have not been presented before. Question 1: What is your favorite mystery from the Classics Club series? By the way, I personally find the mystery of the...

Ibara Mayaka’s Bookshelf


Fukube Satoshi’s Bookshelf | Contents Note from Yonezawa-san: At the start, I added in books and novels for Mayaka’s studies, but after some serious consideration, I decided to daringly focus solely on manga. Narrowing it down based on categories like shoujo manga and old manga is something that even I would never do, so I made the bookshelf imagining that Mayaka would randomly read any...

Fukube Satoshi’s Bookshelf


Chitanda Eru’s Bookshelf | Contents | Ibara Mayaka’s Bookshelf Note from Yonezawa-san: I thought it would be easy to decide on these books since Satoshi holds an interest in everything, but when I started making a rough list, I noticed that the books would not make up a mere superficial bookshelf, and that I’d given it a relatively high level of consideration. Also, I had the...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 22: Passionate Living Doll Festival


Prev Track | Contents (Telephone rings) Oreki Houtarou: Oreki residence. Chitanda Eru: Hello, this is Chitanda. Sorry for calling you during your break. Oreki: Mm. Chitanda: I apologize for being so sudden, but do you have any plans for the day after tomorrow? Oreki: Nope. Chitanda: That’s great. Erm, Oreki-san. I understand that this is sudden and troubling, but could you please help me...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 21: The Case of the Hand-made Broken Arrow


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Ibara Mayaka: Uuhhh…… Unhhh…… Ahh, I’m so nervous, what should I do? Chitanda Eru: He will most likely accept it. Mayaka: Chii-chan, that would be good, but…… if only…… Chitanda: But Mayaka-san, was there any other reason why Fukube-san did not accept your chocolate last year? Mayaka: Any other reason? What...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 20: The Miko’s Divine Power


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Juumonji Kaho: You’re from Class B, right? Oreki Houtarou: Yes. Kaho: Is Fukube-kun not with you? Oreki: (Huh? How does she know? It’s divine power, isn’t it?) Chitanda Eru: Oreki-san, this is Juumonji Kaho-san, from Class 1-D. Kaho: Nice to meet you. Oreki: Ah, we’re in the same year. And when I was certain that she was using divine...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 19: Master of Deduction?


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Houtarou: So you’re saying that I’m a master of deduction? Chitanda Eru: Is that wrong? Oreki: Yes, it is. Sometimes, I have no inkling of how I came up with the theories, myself. Chitanda: That’s because you haven’t taken a good look at yourself, right? Oreki: Then how about this, Chitanda. Come up with some sort of situation...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 18: Mr. Ogi Loves Helicopters


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Chitanda Eru: Ah, that’s the newspaper for 9th May. Oreki Houtarou: It was probably that day when Ogi proclaimed that he loves helicopters in class. (Flips a page) There it is. Chitanda: So, what happened? Oreki: In other words, Ogi never liked helicopters. Chitanda: Eh? Oreki: Ogi was struck by lightning three times. That is probably true. But, usually...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 17: Juumoji’s Rehearsal


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Tanabe Jirou: So, Oreki Houtarou-kun, how will you support Phantom Thief Juumoji? Oreki Houtarou: For that, Tanabe-senpai, I will place some sodium from the Chemistry Club in between the pages of the target proofread manuscript. Satoshi’s smartphone will attract everyone’s attention, and during that time, you should shoot the manuscript with a water...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 16: The Last Resort


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Houtarou: Satoshi, come with me for a moment. Fukube Satoshi: As I thought, you’ve deduced something. Right, Houtarou? Chitanda Eru: Is that true, Oreki-san? Oreki: (Tsk! Chitanda’s eyes have changed color! Satoshi, you idiot!) Satoshi: (Sticks his tongue out) Chitanda: That’s not cute at all, Fukube-san. Anyway, Oreki-san, did you notice...

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