Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 22: Passionate Living Doll Festival

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(Telephone rings)

Oreki Houtarou: Oreki residence.

Chitanda Eru: Hello, this is Chitanda. Sorry for calling you during your break.

Oreki: Mm.

Chitanda: I apologize for being so sudden, but do you have any plans for the day after tomorrow?

Oreki: Nope.

Chitanda: That’s great. Erm, Oreki-san. I understand that this is sudden and troubling, but could you please help me hold a drum?

Oreki: Hold a…… drum?

Chitanda: That’s right.

Oreki: I don’t really understand……

Chitanda: Sorry, I’m bad with explanations…… Erm, basically, a shrine near my house is holding a Samba1 carnival.

Oreki: Samba carnival?!

Chitanda: Yes.

Oreki: Samba at…… a shrine?!

Chitanda: That’s correct.

Oreki: Samba in April?

Chitanda: Yes, although it is cold.

Oreki: Why Samba?

Chitanda: Oreki-san, please stop saying “Samba” over and over. I’m also quite embarassed.

Oreki: Oh, could it be that you’re……

Chitanda: Yes, I have taken the role of Samba queen at Mizunashi Shrine’s Samba Carnival for the last few years.

Fukube Satoshi: (Panting)

Ibara Mayaka: Fuku-chan, wait for me!

Satoshi: Ahh, a cherry blossom blooming out of season! Let’s stand over there, Mayaka!

Mayaka: Fine. Anyway, I never knew that Mizunashi Shrine held this kind of festival.

Satoshi: Really? It’s quite famous.

Mayaka: I mean, why Samba at a shrine? Wouldn’t you expect something more dignified?

Satoshi: Ah! There’s a reason for that. Originally, before the war, Mizunashi Shrine celebrated the “Living Doll Festival”. After the war ended, at GHQ’s2 behest, it was changed to a Samba carnival.

Mayaka: So why Samba?

Satoshi: Mayaka, do you not know MacArthur’s famous words? “I like Samba!”

Mayaka: I think you’re definitely lying.

Satoshi: Anyway, after that, Mizunashi Shrine would hold a Samba carnival every year. Gaudy costumes and cheerful music, as well as extremely passionate dancing! This shrine even won a Nobel prize in Samba near the end of the Showa era!

Mayaka: What’s with that unnatural-sounding prize?

Satoshi: Ahh! They’re here! The Samba procession!

Mayaka: Ignoring me, huh.

(Crowd cheers)

Mayaka: Oh! It’s really starting!

Satoshi: This is amazing, Mayaka! Those women wearing flashy, flowery outfits that look fit to burst are shaking their bodies while moving towards us!

Mayaka: Yeah, even when it’s so cold.

Satoshi: And the one in the center is…… Chitanda-san!

Mayaka: C-Chii-chan?!

Chitanda: Viva! Amigo!

Satoshi: That’s an insanely huge flower decoration! And a sparkling micro-bikini! The queen’s appearance is just stunning!

Mayaka: She wears that every year?!

Satoshi: And that person beating the drums behind is…… Houtarou.

Mayaka: Oreki?!

Satoshi: He looks regretful, doesn’t he?

Oreki: (This isn’t good. Not good at all.)

Chitanda: Um dois três3, um dois três, um dois três!!

Oreki: (No matter what, I probably shouldn’t have come here. I don’t want to see Chitanda. I don’t want to look at Chitanda. If I look directly at Chitanda while she’s wearing that glittering Samba-style outfit, while she’s moving her body energetically, while she’s shouting something like “Obrigada”4, with all that gaudy make-up, what would happen……?)

Chitanda: Seja bem Vinda, Kamiyama!!!5

Oreki: (Enough of this. I want to go home!)

Chitanda: Obrigado amigo~!

Satoshi: Wait, what? This is the final track?

Mayaka: This isn’t even an intermission!

Chitanda: How did it turn out this way? I’m curious!

Oreki: Then you can stay curious forever. In any case, many thanks!

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  1. A lively, rhythmical dance of Afro-Brazilian origin.
  2. Refers to the Supreme Commander for the Allied Powers, or General Douglas MacArthur, during the Allied occupation of Japan after World War II.
  3. “One two three” in Portuguese.
  4. “Thank you” in Portuguese.
  5. “Welcome to Kamiyama” in Portuguese.

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