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Chapter 1: Hoping to be under the Cherry Trees (Part 4)


Full Text Part 3 Contents Next Chapter “–Holmes-san, you were seriously amazing again today!” I exclaimed excitedly while we were walking out of the temple. In response, Holmes-san produced a wry smile. “You’re exaggerating, Aoi-san.” “No, I’m not. I was first surprised when you saw the calluses on his hand and deduced that he was a manga artist.” “Ah, about that… that’s not the actual...

Chapter 1: Hoping to be under the Cherry Trees (Part 3)


Full Text Part 2 Contents Part 4 –I remember hearing someone saying that spring and autumn in Kyoto were “exceptional”. When I told that to my grandfather, who has since passed away, he said as he patted my head, “It’s not just spring and autumn. Kyoto is good regardless of the season, and different seasons have different attractions.” “So, where is the best place for cherry blossoms?” I asked...

Chapter 1: Hoping to be under the Cherry Trees (Part 2)


Full Text Part 1 Contents Part 3 “Good morning.” As usual, I steadied my breathing in front of the shop, then opened the antique door. The door bell tinkled as I walked in, and I caught sight of two men sitting at the counter. “Good morning, Aoi-san.” One of them was the person who had invited me to this part-time job, Yagashira Kiyotaka-san, or as he is widely known, Holmes-san. The other person...

Chapter 1: Hoping to be under the Cherry Trees (Part 1)


(Note about chapter name: This is a variation of a poem by Saigyō Hōshi, a famous Japanese poet of the late Heian and early Kamakura period. The poem reads: Let me die in spring under the blossoming trees, let it be around that full moon of Kisaragi month.) Full Text Prologue Contents Part 2 “Aoi-san, would you like to work here?” That question came from a strange youth in an antique store named...

Prologue: Holmes and the Zen Monk Hakuin


Contents Next Chapter “Do you have any antiques lying in your abode? If so, we can appraise and purchase them here.” If you walk down the bustling arcade at Teramachi Sanjou in Kyoto, you will find a small antique shop nestled within the row of stores with linked eaves. There is one word on the shop’s signboard – “Kura”. That is apparently its name. (When talking about antique shops, names like...

The Tempo Loss Bishop Exchange of Haruhi Suzumiya (Full Text)


Contents PDF/EPUB There is no single viewpoint of the world. I, Itsuki Koizumi, certainly know that having a subjective viewpoint is a vague, unreliable notion. Let’s say, for instance, that I want to look up at the night sky. We can only hope that the celestial bodies that seem to be floating amiably next to each other, on the false spherical surface of the sky, remain coldly separated by...

Hidden References in the Classics Club


Yonezawa-san likes to play little “pranks” in his works. This exhaustive public reveal of hidden references in the series even includes those in the last two volumes, and will make you go “Ohh”, “I see!” or “Seriously?” while nodding your head in agreement. We shall now introduce these various references, with comments from Yonezawa-san himself. (Sentences between inverted commas are comments...

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