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Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 17: Juumoji’s Rehearsal


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Tanabe Jirou: So, Oreki Houtarou-kun, how will you support Phantom Thief Juumoji? Oreki Houtarou: For that, Tanabe-senpai, I will place some sodium from the Chemistry Club in between the pages of the target proofread manuscript. Satoshi’s smartphone will attract everyone’s attention, and during that time, you should shoot the manuscript with a water...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 16: The Last Resort


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Houtarou: Satoshi, come with me for a moment. Fukube Satoshi: As I thought, you’ve deduced something. Right, Houtarou? Chitanda Eru: Is that true, Oreki-san? Oreki: (Tsk! Chitanda’s eyes have changed color! Satoshi, you idiot!) Satoshi: (Sticks his tongue out) Chitanda: That’s not cute at all, Fukube-san. Anyway, Oreki-san, did you notice...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 15: Tougaito’s Short-lived Ecstasy


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Tougaito Masashi: Phantom Thief Juumoji…… if we could find out their motive, it would be the best material for a wall newspaper…… Sigh…… Can’t we do anything? (Someone knocks on the door) Tougaito: Yes? Ah, Chitanda-san. Sorry, we’re a little busy now. Could you come again later? Chitanda Eru: In that case, I will...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 14: Energy-conserving Wildfire


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Chitanda Eru: Can Mayaka-san make it? Fukube Satoshi: She still seems quite busy. It would be great if she could…… (Satoshi’s phone rings) Satoshi: Ah! A phone call from Mayaka! (Answers phone) Hello. Ibara Mayaka: Sorry, Fuku-chan. I’m busy, and I don’t think I can leave the Manga Club. Satoshi: Eh? Really? That’s a pickle...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 13: Feigning a Quiz Tournament


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Fukube Satoshi: (Running) This is bad, Houtarou! Oreki Houtarou: What’s the matter, Satoshi? Satoshi: It was just announced just now that this year’s Quiz Trial will actually become a rock-paper-scissors tournament! Oreki: Ohh? I see. Satoshi: Eh? Why are you so unconcerned? Anything else to say? Oreki: Good luck with the rock-paper-scissors...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 12: The Strategy that took Endless Planning


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track (Door is closed and locked) Chitanda Eru: Locking complete. Each person, please split up. (Everyone goes around to check) Fukube Satoshi: Nothing here! Ibara Mayaka: Looks fine here. Chitanda: There is also nothing here. It seems that we have not been bugged by that agency. Then, let us begin the strategy meeting. The topic this time is Hyouk……...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 11: Entrapment of a Fool


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Tomoe: It’s the summer holidays, and yet you’re so unproductive! Oreki Houtarou: Leave me alone. Energy conserving for the win! Tomoe: Hey! Don’t hog the fan! It’s really hot! Houtarou: This is my territory. Tomoe: Geez, and you’ve had that pleasant expression on your face up till now. Anything good happen? Houtarou: Well...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 10: Hongou’s True Intention


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Houtarou: This, is Hongou’s true intention. (Knock on door) Oreki: Come in. Irisu Fuyumi: First, I would like to hear whether you have come to a conclusion. Oreki: Yes. Irisu: I see. Then, let us hear it. Oreki: Okay. The key to this mystery is Kaitou’s arm. Irisu: What? Oreki: Kaitou’s severed arm. Irisu: Not the sealed room? Oreki: Yes...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 9: Hongou’s Learning Materials


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Fukube Satoshi: Anyway, we’ll be consulting Haba-senpai, who is also investigating this case. Chitanda Eru: Thank you in advance, Haba-senpai! Haba Tomohiro: Ah, I heard that you guys are quite good with mysteries.” Oreki Houtarou: No, we’re not that proficient. Haba: Well, if you consider mystery to be a battle between the reader and writer...

Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 8: Mistake at the Movie Preview


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Chitanda Eru: There is a movie preview. Everyone, let’s go for the movie preview! Oreki Houtarou: Movie preview? Chitanda: We have come as you have requested us to. Irisu Fuyumi: Ah, so you’ve come. Welcome. You have my thanks for taking the time to come. Chitanda: This is Ibara Mayaka-san, Fukube Satoshi-san and Oreki Houtarou-san. Like me, they are...

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