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We translate a wide range of Japanese literature into English, from short stories to novels to interviews, and we also offer sheet music for the piano.

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About the team


Hi! I am a friendly pigcowhybrid who has been in love with the Japanese language for more than ten years now.

In the last few years, I have translated The Doll that Took a Detour from the Hyouka series, as well as Clip Time and Step Time from the Kokoro Connect series. On top of that, I have translated and subtitled some episodes from Hyouka’s bonus audio CD track.

I enjoy stories that possess a good degree of levity, and especially those in a school setting, although I am not averse to stories of other genres. My favourite novel series include Hyouka, Haruhi Suzumiya, and Oregairu. Alright, perhaps what I really like are protagonists who have a load of snark in them.

All in all, I hope that my translations will get you interested in the Japanese language and culture, and motivate you to learn Japanese, through our site or through other means, so that you can perhaps read a Japanese novel on your own in the future.


Hey guys what’s up, I’m Grandon otherwise known as nissem.

I’m a huge fan of novels and the wave of Chinese, Japanese and Korean novels has been amazing for me. Heck I used to proofread the translations. I’ve tried my hand at translating Chinese manhwas before, you can probably see some of my old stuff floating on the internet, but had to stop with life getting in the way.

With pigcow wanting to have a platform to host his own translations I figured what better time to set this up, and to try and put some quality content on the web. Short term goals for me would definitely be to try and host quality content on the site. Long term goals would be to set up a reasonable platform for translators to host their works with good benefits and as a free resource for learning Japanese.