Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 19: Master of Deduction?

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Oreki Houtarou: So you’re saying that I’m a master of deduction?

Chitanda Eru: Is that wrong?

Oreki: Yes, it is. Sometimes, I have no inkling of how I came up with the theories, myself.

Chitanda: That’s because you haven’t taken a good look at yourself, right?

Oreki: Then how about this, Chitanda. Come up with some sort of situation. I’ll prove that you can’t make a theory for anything so easily.

Chitanda: That sounds fun! Then… what should we go with?

(Announcement sound)

Announcer: Anyone who, on October 31st, shopped at Koubundou in front of the station and who knows something, report to Shibazaki in the Staff Room immediately.

Chitanda: I wonder what that was about.

Oreki: No idea.

Chitanda: Let’s use that announcement! Please come up with a theory about what that announcement just now was about!

Oreki: By the way, what do you think, Chitanda?

Chitanda: What I think? Hm…… I see…… Firstly, I’m curious about the phrase “Koubundou in front of the station”. It’s a stationery shop that mainly sells stationery for elementary school students, so why would a high school student go all the way there to shop?

Oreki: Because they were asked to buy some stationery by their younger brother or sister?

Chitanda: That’s a possibility, but that’s probably not it.

Oreki: What do you mean?

Chitanda: The shop has a few toys, and they also sell Kamiyama Ranger Cards, which are popular with elementary school students.

Oreki: Kamiyama Ra…… eh? What did you say?

Chitanda: Oh? You don’t know about Kamiyama Ranger cards, Oreki-san?

Oreki: No, this is my first time even hearing the phrase “Kamiyama Ranger”.

Chitanda: These cards are so widely popular that any toy shop owner in Kamiyama City knows it. Of course, I am also one of the card collectors.

Oreki: Eh?

Chitanda: And yesterday, October 31st, was the first release of a new card.

Oreki: Is that so……

Chitanda: Yes. I made a reservation with the shop, so I managed to get my hands on the card without any problem.

Oreki: You made a reservation?!

Chitanda: Let us call the student being called up now “X-san”. X-san forgot to make a reservation, and when he went around the other toy shops, they were all sold out. Remembering that Koubundou also sold those cards, he ran off to Koubundou. But then……

Oreki: But then?

Chitanda: Having successfully bought the card, X-san was relieved. But then, with that sense of security, he made a regretful mistake.

Oreki: Mistake?

Chitanda: He accidentally left the card that he went out of his way to buy in the shop! However, since he was wearing a Kamiyama High School uniform, the card was safely delivered to the school.

Oreki: That’s a good thing, isn’t it? That’s the problem solved, right?

Chitanda: There is still one problem with this.

Oreki: What is it?

Chitanda: As I said earlier, this card is extremely popular. Those who didn’t manage to buy the card would do anything to get it.

Oreki: That’s ridiculous……

Chitanda: I also understand why the vice principal intentionally used the phrase “shopped at Koubundou and who knows something”.

Oreki: Why is that?

Chitanda: If he had said something like, “those who bought a Kamiyama Ranger card but left it in the shop, it has been delivered to the staff room, so report to Shibazaki to collect it.”, a struggle for the card would occur in the staff room!

Oreki: There probably aren’t any Kamiyama High students who would want that card beside you and X-san. Anyway, is the Kamiyama Rangers really that popular?

Chitanda: What are you talking about, Oreki-san? Isn’t it showing on evenings everyday? Could it be that…… you don’t watch it?

Oreki: It isn’t a program that only people living in the vicinity of the Chitanda family watch, right?

Chitanda: Haah! While we’re talking, there’s trouble brewing in the staff room!

Oreki: No, there isn’t!

Chitanda: Let’s go, Oreki-san. We must protect X-san’s card! Move out! Kamiyama Ranger~~~~~~~!!!!!

Oreki: Oi, oi, don’t drag me along! What the heck is the Kamiyama Rangers, anyway?!

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