Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 20: The Miko’s Divine Power

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Juumonji Kaho: You’re from Class B, right?

Oreki Houtarou: Yes.

Kaho: Is Fukube-kun not with you?

Oreki: (Huh? How does she know? It’s divine power, isn’t it?)

Chitanda Eru: Oreki-san, this is Juumonji Kaho-san, from Class 1-D.

Kaho: Nice to meet you.

Oreki: Ah, we’re in the same year. And when I was certain that she was using divine powers.

Kaho: I could use them if I wanted to.

Oreki: Ha?

Kaho: The Juumonji clan is one who has wielded divine power, generation after generation.

Chitanda: Out of all of them, Kaho has the strongest powers.

Oreki: Divine powers, huh……

Chitanda: Oreki-san, you don’t seem to believe it.

Oreki: No one in their right mind would.

Kaho: Indeed, it would be difficult for you to understand if you haven’t experienced it.

Chitanda: Oh! Kaho-san has removed her glasses!

Oreki: And what’s up with that?

Chitanda: I shall explain. When Kaho-san uses her divine powers, she removes her glasses and becomes one with the world.

Oreki: Sigh…… (I want to go back home. I’m hungry, after all.)

Kaho: Oreki-kun.

Oreki: What is it?

Kaho: It’s a little early to be returning home. Also, if you’re hungry, I can give you dango soup later, so please endure.

Oreki: (Gahh! She read my mind?)

Kaho: Oreki-kun, recently……

Oreki: What? What is it?

Kaho: You’ve misplaced something at home, right?

Oreki: Eh?

Kaho: It’s probably…… a pen.

Oreki: (Gasp)

Kaho: You’ve bought another one since you couldn’t find it, but it’s in the bathroom. When you dropped it, it rolled to the back. Try searching around that area.

Oreki: (What…… Why is she talking as if she saw it……)

Kaho: Because I did see it.

Chitanda: You’re amazing, Kaho-san.

Oreki: If, if it’s just like this, anyone can get it right just by guessing.

Kaho: One more thing, then.

Oreki: You still have things to say?!

Kaho: About the composition you wrote when you were in elementary school, “What I want to be in the future”……

Oreki: A-And what about that c-composition?

Chitanda: Oreki-san, calm down.

Kaho: You found it while cleaning up your room, but threw it away because you thought you didn’t need it.

Oreki: Urgkk……

Chitanda: Is that so?

Oreki: I certainly threw it away a while back.

Kaho: Your sister retrieved it from the trash bin, apparently.

Oreki: Huhhhh?!

Kaho: It’s a keepsake from her younger brother when he was a kid, so she thought it would be a waste if it was thrown away.

Chitanda: What a nice sister.

Oreki: Please tell me! What did sis do after that?

Kaho: Your sister read your composition, laughed for a while, and then……

Oreki: Ahhhh!!!!

Chitanda: Are you alright? Oreki-san!

Kaho: ……She mused to herself, (In Tomoe’s voice) “So Houtarou back then had such high aspirations.”, and then……

Oreki: Warghhhh!!!

Chitanda: Oreki-san?

Kaho: It’s dark, so I can’t really see it clearly, but it seems to have been placed in some drawer.

Oreki: Why did she recover it…… and why did she hide it?!

Chitanda: Oreki-san, hang on!

Kaho: Ah, there’s one more thing. What should I do with it?

Oreki: Just tell me.

Chitanda: I’m also curious!

Kaho: Really? Then I’ll say it……

Chitanda: I’m so excited……

Kaho: Oreki-kun……

Oreki: Wait! Could it be about that misdialed call on Christmas?

Chitanda: Eh?

Oreki: Ah, is it about that incident?!

Kaho: Yes, it is.

Chitanda: Eh? What exactly is it?

Kaho: Oreki-kun, that was really……

Oreki: Stop!!! Just stop already!! I don’t want to hear anymore!!!!! (Runs off)

Chitanda: Oreki-san?!

Kaho: He’s gone.

Chitanda: I don’t really understand about that last bit, but it’s great that he believed the divine powers.

Kaho: Mmm, not sure about that……

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