Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 9: Hongou’s Learning Materials

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Fukube Satoshi: Anyway, we’ll be consulting Haba-senpai, who is also investigating this case.

Chitanda Eru: Thank you in advance, Haba-senpai!

Haba Tomohiro: Ah, I heard that you guys are quite good with mysteries.”

Oreki Houtarou: No, we’re not that proficient.

Haba: Well, if you consider mystery to be a battle between the reader and writer, Hongou’s amateur hand is a little lacking.

Ibara Mayaka: Is Hongou-san not proficient with mysteries?

Haba: Yeah, take a look at the learning materials that Hongou left with us.

Chitanda: Ah! There’s so many different books! Hongou-san appreciated the literature while doing research, huh.

Oreki: This is…… Holmes, huh.

Satoshi: Ahh, the Nobuhara translated version… And it’s the new edition as well.

Mayaka: So she thought to study mystery through Holmes?

Haba: I wish she only studied Holmes. There were many others. She even read and watched unnecessary material.

Chitanda: You’re right. There is even a Sherlock Holmes movie.

Satoshi: Ah, Granada TV’s Sherlock Holmes? It’s a masterpiece of a drama series. It would serve as a pretty good reference, then.

Chitanda: No, it’s the anime with Holmes as a dog.1

Satoshi: Ohh…… That doesn’t count as material. I mean, it is a masterpiece, but……

Mayaka: The one where Mrs. Hudson played a big role, right? The one with car chases and gunfights?

Oreki: That’s Sherlock Holmes?

Satoshi: Well, sort of…… it is a masterpiece in its own way.

Haba: “We’re making a movie, so some video material would be good.” Well, that’s what she said.

Oreki: Did you recommend anything for her, Senpai?

Haba: Yup. I recommended “Murder on the Orient Express”.

Mayaka: Eh? But the videos here are on the Siberian Express.

Satoshi: SibeEx2??!!

Haba: Well, it’s also set on a railroad, so they’re about the same, right?

Satoshi: That’s the only similarity they have!

Mayaka: It can’t be counted as reference material!

Oreki: Oh, really?

Mayaka: It’s a synonym for ~~~3.

Chitanda: And it’s in a DVD Box, too! I curious as to whether she really watched everything.

Satoshi: It’s impossible! SibeEx is famous for being so ~~~4 that it can destroy your health! It’s the legendary ~~~5 film!

Chitanda: Could it be that Hongou-san watched this until she collapsed?

Mayaka: The chance of that happening is…… undeniable.

Oreki: Is it really that amazing, that SibeEx?

Satoshi: Yeah, it really is.

Haba: I kind of like it, though.

Satoshi: A weirdo has appeared!

Haba: Ahahaha! Don’t praise me so.

Satoshi: That wasn’t even meant as praise!

Chitanda: There’s also a lot of manga. Many of them are old, but…… um…… “Magazine Mystery Reportage”, or abbreviated as “MMR”?

Satoshi: Wh-What did you say?!

Mayaka: The title does contain the word “mystery”, but you can’t get anything out of that!

Haba: That’s not true. That’s what I recommended.

Satoshi: But, senpai, it’s weird to recommend that.

Haba: What are you talking about? It’s a masterpiece.

Satoshi: I can’t deny that, but……

Oreki: Then, surely you can assent to Hongou-san using it as material.

Satoshi: No, Houtarou, it has the numbers “666” in its barcode, and the descendants of ~~~6 keep causing abnormal weather conditions with their fengshui!7

Oreki: Satoshi, are you alright?

Satoshi: Yeah, with the power of the first draft.

Oreki: I understand that you are anything but alright.

Mayaka: In any case, if you want to refer to manga and film, aren’t there major ones that are being serialized now? I mean, there’s that detective boy with the glasses and skateboard.

Oreki: Ah, the one who says, “There is always only one truth.”

Haba: Hongou should have seen that one too. Look over there.

Chitanda: Ah, there it is! “Conan the Barbarian”, starring Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Satoshi: What, is this the Countryside Club??!

Oreki: Well, Conan is Conan, right?

Chitanda: It seems to be a foreign fantasy film at first glance, but is this in the detective genre?

Satoshi: Even at first glance, it obviously isn’t! It’s about a man who becomes the king of Cimmeria while clad in only one pair of leather underpants.

Mayaka: Well, the young Schwarz-chan’s macho body…… with his rippling muscles, I think he’s a kind of mystery too! (Swallows saliva)

Satoshi: Ma, Mayaka……

Mayaka: Ah, sorry.

Haba: Rippling muscles…… (Swallows saliva)

Satoshi: Haba-senpai?!

Haba: Ah, sorry.

Satoshi: Don’t blush like that!

Mayaka: Uwah, gross.

Oreki: You’re not in a position to say that.

Mayaka: Fine.

Oreki: So, what should we do?

Chitanda: Anyway, now we know Hongou-san’s learning materials. Based on all this, let us form conjectures on the script!

Satoshi: Is that even possible?!

Haba: You could try.

Satoshi: Nope, not even trying. It’s impossible.

Oreki: Alright! Let’s do this!

Satoshi: Why are you saying that here?!

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  1. Refers to Sherlock Hound, a 1984 anime series.
  2. Short form of Siberian Express.
  3. I’m not really sure, but I think the bleeped-out word is “shit”.
  4. Not sure what the bleeped words are this time.
  5. I believe the bleeped word here is “trash”.
  6. Don’t know about this one too.
  7. Chinese philosophical system of harmonizing everyone with the surrounding environment.

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