Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 8: Mistake at the Movie Preview

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Chitanda Eru: There is a movie preview. Everyone, let’s go for the movie preview!

Oreki Houtarou: Movie preview?

Chitanda: We have come as you have requested us to.

Irisu Fuyumi: Ah, so you’ve come. Welcome. You have my thanks for taking the time to come.

Chitanda: This is Ibara Mayaka-san, Fukube Satoshi-san and Oreki Houtarou-san. Like me, they are all members of the Classics Club.

Irisu: I am Irisu Fuyumi. Pleased to meet you.

Fukube Satoshi: The pleasure is ours.

Ibara Mayaka: Thank you for having us here.

Oreki: Nice to meet you.

Irisu: Now, the movie that will be screened is one produced by my class. My wish is for you to watch the movie and give us your honest feedback.

Chitanda: I look forward to it!

Irisu: Then we shall begin without delay. I wish you good luck.

Oreki: Good luck?

(Irisu leaves the room)

Satoshi: This is exciting, isn’t it, Houtarou? I wonder kind of movie it’ll be.

Oreki: It’s a self-produced movie. I don’t have high expectations for it.

Satoshi: Come on, don’t say that. Look, it’s starting!

Narrator: This is Antartica. A harsh land plagued with severe coldness for most of the year. This is the story of the living things frantically surviving in Antartica. Today, unknown to the emperor penguins, some organisms approach.

Mayaka: For some reason, it’s a clip of Antartica…… with icebergs and snowstorms…… Ah, the title appeared.

Satoshi: Exciting Wild Eccentricities: The Final Mysteries of the Emperor Penguins?

Chitanda: Look at that! A waddle of penguins! Did the people of Class 2F take a video of this? It’s a masterpiece!

Oreki: Of course not! This is just some animal documentary.

Satoshi: Ah, it stopped.

(Door opens)

Irisu: I apologize. I played the wrong video.

Satoshi: Hahaha, I was surprised.

Irisu: It seems that some other student’s video was mixed up. It is definitely not my interest.

Oreki: Is that so?

Irisu: It is definitely not my interest.

Oreki: Well, you don’t have to say it a second time.

Irisu: Anyway, I will now put on the correct video.

(Irisu leaves and the door closes)

Mayaka: Come to think of it, what is the final mystery of the emperor penguins?

Chitanda: This stokes your curiousity, does it not?

Oreki: Nope, it doesn’t. Seems like it’s starting.

Narrator: Spotbill1 Family Parade. This year, the migration season has started again for this family of spotbills. The spotbill chicks are standing in a row. They are all embarking on their march in succession.

Oreki: What is this now?

Chitanda: Spotbills! The mother is waddling in front!

Mayaka: Ohh, that’s cute.

Narrator: “Alright, kids, hold on tight.” “Wait, wait, mother!”

Satoshi: Oh, it cut off.

Chitanda: What a pity.

Irisu: Sorry. I played the wrong video again.

Satoshi: Erm, senpai, that video just now was……

Irisu: Some other student’s video, I believe. This is entirely not to my tastes.

Satoshi: Is that so? But……

Irisu: After this, it would turn out to be a moving drama where one of the chicks gets separated from the flock, and after some trials and tribulations, is reunited with its mother, but the video I want to show you is a different one.

Mayaka: What’s with that development? That makes me curious……

Irisu: Please forget it. In any case, I shall now play the correct video. I wish you good luck.

(Irisu leaves the room)

Mayaka: Ah, she left.

Satoshi: You know, Irisu-senpai is probably the type of person who doesn’t write anything on DVD labels.

Mayaka: Oh…… but it’s understandable. She just left the DVD as it was after finishing the recording.

Chitanda: Is that so? My family still uses VHS, so I don’t know.

Oreki: For real?!

Satoshi: Oh? It’s starting.

(Dog barks)

Narrator: Assemble! Pomeranians! Everyone! Pome pome! The pome-program that introduces pomeranian comrades across the country has come to Kamiyama City!

Chitanda: Ahh! Pome pome! Pomeranians! They’re so fluffy!!

Mayaka: They’re too cute!!

Oreki: An episode in Kamiyama City, huh. Ah! The intersection I usually pass by is shown there!

Narrator: ……Irisu-san, your household……

Satoshi: Ah, it stopped.

Mayaka: Ehhh???

Irisu: Sorry, the wrong video was played.

Oreki: Erm…… please stop fooling around with us.

Irisu: It seems that some random student’s video got mixed in.

Chitanda: Eh? But it just said “Irisu-san, your household”……

Irisu: You probably heard wrong.

Chitanda: But……

Irisu: I have absolutely no interest in pomeranians, and I have never kept one. I don’t walk one everyday, and I don’t return home saying “I’m back, Vanilla, I really wanted to fluff you” while petting a pomeranian.

Oreki: This goes way beyond letting the cat out of the bag.

Irisu: Verbal jabs are useless. Anyway, it is definitely not my interest.

Chitanda: But……

Irisu: Since I say it’s not, it’s not. Bringing my own personal videos when I was supposed to bring Class 2F’s video is definitely not something I would do.

Oreki: I understand, so please show us the video we originally came for.

Irisu: About that…… I forgot to bring it.

Classics Club members: What?!

Irisu: There is no helping something that has been forgotten. Now, I would like to know your opinion regarding the video you have just watched. Who do you think is the culprit?

Oreki: I don’t know what’s happening any more……

Satoshi: When did the incident happen?

Mayaka: And culprit? I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Irisu: I see.

Chitanda: Please wait! I think…… that the pomeranian is the culprit!

Irisu: Hoh? Why is that?

Chitanda: Just because!

Oreki, Satoshi, Mayaka: Haahhhh……

Irisu: Mm…… Somehow, well, I suppose that’s fine. The culprit is the pomeranian. Everyone, thank you for your time.

Oreki: If that’s so, don’t call us to begin with!

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  1. Spot-billed duck.

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