Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 10: Hongou’s True Intention

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Oreki Houtarou: This, is Hongou’s true intention.

(Knock on door)

Oreki: Come in.

Irisu Fuyumi: First, I would like to hear whether you have come to a conclusion.

Oreki: Yes.

Irisu: I see. Then, let us hear it.

Oreki: Okay. The key to this mystery is Kaitou’s arm.

Irisu: What?

Oreki: Kaitou’s severed arm.

Irisu: Not the sealed room?

Oreki: Yes. Think about it. Even if a person has their arm cut off, they wouldn’t die instantly. He could have screamed to ask for help. But Kaitou did not do it. Why was that?

Irisu: Hm……

Oreki: Kaitou didn’t dare to shout.

Irisu: Didn’t dare to? But that’s……

Oreki: That would be impossible if someone else chopped his arm off. But that wasn’t the case. Kaito severed his own arm.

Irisu: What did you say?

Oreki: Please look at the video. Kaitou’s tranquil expression is exactly that of a man who has accomplished something.

Irisu: Is that so?

Oreki: Yes. There is no doubt that Kaitou chopped off his own arm.

Irisu: Why are you so confident about your statement? There is no reason for Kaitou to do that.

Oreki: No, there is. Kaitou’s severed arm was…… possessed by a demon.

Irisu: ……What?!

Oreki: Did you not catch that? Kaitou’s arm was possessed by a demon! That right arm contained immense magical power and couldn’t be controlled by Kaitou himself.

Irisu: I don’t really understand……

Oreki: “Hgrh! Guh! It’s happening again! Stop! Calm down, right arm! Guh! Before you harm my friends, I’ll kill you once and for all!”

Irisu: ……Oreki-kun?

Oreki: That’s the kind of arm it was.

Irisu: ……I didn’t think of that.

Oreki: Right? It’s like a “Devil’s Arm” or “Almighty arm possessed by evil spirits”.

Irisu: Arm…… the arm, huh. Indeed.

Oreki: Thank you.

Irisu: I wasn’t even saying a compliment.

Oreki: I realized this somewhat late, but according to Sawakiguchi, Hongou was apparently looking for a 7th cast member. When I recalled that, I was confident in my theory.

Irisu: Erm…… I don’t really get the link……

Oreki: Kaitou’s arm was still alive. That arm crept around alone, and with its dreadful magical power, it attacked the remaining five people in succession. It wouldn’t be strange for an arm like that to have its own consciousness and speak its mind, right?

Irisu: Really?

Oreki: Yes. If you think this way, the following developments fall in place easily. Some people are killed by the arm, but a random couple defeat it and share a kiss at the rise of the morning sun, obviously!

Irisu: Obviously?

Oreki: Yep. That sums up my deduction. I suggest you hurry up and find someone to voice the arm. Now, do you have any questions?

Irisu: Two questions. Firstly, how is it different from Sawakiguchi’s theory?

Oreki: What are you talking about? They’re completely different! It’s an arm, not a monster!

Irisu: But it’s a rip-off, isn’t it?

Oreki: Well, to quote from Sawakiguchi…… “It’s fine, isn’t it? It’s just a rip-off.”

Irisu: Sawakiguchi never said that.

Oreki: Anyway, that’s what it’s like. What do you think? I believe I’m on the right track.

Irisu: Hmm…… Nope.

Oreki: Ehhh???! Why is that? Please tell me! Was there anything weird in my deduction?

Irisu: It was full of weird parts.

Oreki: That’s cruel…… I even thought of the title, too.

Irisu: Title? Well, I suppose I could hear it.

Oreki: “The Terrifying Arm-Zombie”.

Irisu: That’s enough. Just go home already.

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