Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 11: Entrapment of a Fool

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Oreki Tomoe: It’s the summer holidays, and yet you’re so unproductive!

Oreki Houtarou: Leave me alone. Energy conserving for the win!

Tomoe: Hey! Don’t hog the fan! It’s really hot!

Houtarou: This is my territory.

Tomoe: Geez, and you’ve had that pleasant expression on your face up till now. Anything good happen?

Houtarou: Well, back to my room.

Tomoe: Ah, that doorknob……

Houtarou: Huh?

(Electrifying sounds)

Houtarou: Owwww!!

Tomoe: It’s electrified, so be careful, that’s what I was about to say.

Houtarou: Too late! And anyway, why is it even electrified?!

Tomoe: For training, of course!

Houtarou: How can you say that so naturally?

Tomoe: What are you talking about? You wouldn’t survive on the battlefield like this! Listen up. Only with training will you be able to toughen your body and hone your senses!

Houtarou: This isn’t a battlefield, this is the Oreki residence.

Tomoe: Houtarou, as long as you’re living, life is a battlefield!

Houtarou: Not cool at all. There can’t possibly be any more traps, right?

Tomoe: Who knows? Maybe there are, and maybe not. Well, be careful!

Houtarou: Damn! Seems like I should stay in my room for the whole day.


Houtarou: Hm?

(Crashing sound)

Houtarou: Woah! There’s no step on the staircase! Ugh, my damned sister with her structural alteration traps…… I won’t fall for any more of them! ……Huh? What’s this? “Get delayed in the cage”? Is there anyone who would actually fall for that trap? No, wait a minute. There’s no one who would fall for such an obvious trap. If that’s so…… above!

(Something crashes down)

Houtarou: Hmph! As soon as I avoided the cage, a tub fell down, huh. Then, if I cut this string, the trap will be unusable.

(Houtarou cuts the string, and gets hit)

Houtarou: Urgh! There was another one?! ……Hm? What’s this piece of paper?

Tomoe: How naive. You have to read further into the future than your opponents.

Houtarou: Kkk…… This won’t do! Now that it’s come to this, I’ll go into her room!

(Houtarou opens door)

Houtarou: Anything! Is there anything that I can use to my advantage? Huh? What’s this notebook? Doesn’t seem like a diary. Just a regular notebook, perhaps? Hm, let’s see.

Tomoe: 15th. I have decided to hide that thing, preferably where no one can find it. Hint: 1033.

Houtarou: Hehehehehehe…… I’m found it! My sister’s weakness. It seems like something she doesn’t want anyone to find. But, what could 1033 refer to? Wait a minute. Something seems off about this room. What could it be? Ah. The time on the clock is wrong. 10:33? That’s it!

(Houtarou dismantles the clock)

Houtarou: A memo? Let’s see what it says……

Tomoe: As I thought, I won’t hide it here. There’s a better location. Hint: chi-wa-te-na-ge-su-yo.

Houtarou: What’s this? Hmmmm…… Each letter in the code is probably next to each letter in the original message. Tarot Fool (ta-ro-tsu-to-gu-shi-ya)! That book in my room, huh!

(Houtarou runs to his room)

Houtarou: This is it! With this, I can ridicule my sister! The fool’s page is…… there it is! Huh? A tanzaku?1 This is my sister’s weakness? Let’s see.

Tomoe: I see a fool!

Houtarou: Kkk…… DAMN YOU SIS!!!

Tomoe: As I thought, my younger brother’s quite lively, isn’t he?

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  1. Piece of paper used to write a wish on during Tanabata.

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