Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 12: The Strategy that took Endless Planning

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(Door is closed and locked)

Chitanda Eru: Locking complete. Each person, please split up.

(Everyone goes around to check)

Fukube Satoshi: Nothing here!

Ibara Mayaka: Looks fine here.

Chitanda: There is also nothing here. It seems that we have not been bugged by that agency. Then, let us begin the strategy meeting. The topic this time is Hyouk……

Mayaka: Chii-chan, stop. We’ve checked once, but we can’t be sure that we’re one hundred percent safe. It’s dangerous to use real names.

Chitanda: You’re right.

Satoshi: Let’s go with “You-know-what”, then.

Chitanda: I understand. The topic today is how we can spread “You-know-what” to many people.

Mayaka: Mm. Chii-chan, do you have any good ideas?

Chitanda: Yes. We work hard.

Satoshi: Hm. While we should keep that spirit in mind, what about a concrete proposal?

Mayaka: That’s right. We should quickly expand the number of locations where we spread it, I think.

Satoshi: That’s a good plan. Then the other party in the negotiations will be that organization.

Mayaka: But will it be fine, Fuku-chan? I believe that organization doesn’t like huge risks.

Satoshi: It’ll be alright. If there’s returns, they’ll make their move. The problem is the method of negotiation.

Chitanda: Leave that to me!

Mayaka: Are you sure, Chii-chan?

Chitanda: The Chitanda clan has a negotiation technique passed down for generations.

Satoshi: Eh? That’s something I have to witness for myself.

Chitanda: Shall I do it? I could do it immediately if we have a coin and a string, but……

Mayaka: Er, Chii-chan, that’s……

Satoshi: Chitanda-san! Let’s set aside the unveiling of the negotiation technique for the next meeting.

Chitanda: Really? That’s a pity. It’s a negotiation technique that can cause any kind of person to turn into a living corpse, but……

Satoshi: Hey, Mayaka. My memory has been interrupted recently, but……

Mayaka: Don’t think any further. I have a feeling that it’s going to be terribly scary. Just don’t.

Satoshi: Ahem. Then, let me leak information to lots of people. I’m a database, after all.

Mayaka: I have another matter, so once that’s settled, I will rendezvous with you at Point Delta at 1130 hours.

Chitanda: Understood. Let us go with that. All of us here are chosen elite soldiers. Under the guidance of the Classics Club’s convictions, please take on your individual missions and aim to complete them.

Satoshi and Mayaka: Yes ma’am!

(Someone knocks on the door)

Chitanda: Who is it?

Oreki Houtarou: Oi, Chitanda, the door’s locked. Open up!

Chitanda: It’s Oreki-san. I’ll open the door……

Satoshi: Wait, Chitanda-san! With a synthesizer, any voice can be forged. First, could you give your name?

Oreki: Satoshi, what’s this prank?

Mayaka: What, you’re not going to give your name?

Oreki: Oreki. Oreki Houtarou. Alright, I’ve given my name. Now hurry and open up!

Chitanda: I’m at a loss. Is that really Oreki-san? Ah! I got it! Any member of the Classics Club should know this. Oreki-san, if I say Hyouka as a watchword……

Oreki: Ha? W-Watchword?

Chitanda: If I say Hyouka as a watchword? Oreki-san, do you not understand?

Oreki: Eh? Er, Hyouka, Hyouka…… anthology!

Chitanda: This Oreki-san is an imposter! Fukube-san!

Satoshi: Aye, aye, sir! Click!1

Oreki: Woah! What’s going on??!!!

(Oreki falls through a trapdoor)

Chitanda: Ahh! I almost got duped!

Mayaka: When you say Hyouka, “it was not intended to be a heroic tale”, right?

Satoshi: It was the right thing to naturally decide on a watchword!

(Chitanda, Satoshi and Mayaka laugh)

Chitanda: By the way, did anyone inform Oreki about the watchword?

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  1. Satoshi says ボチッとな(bochittona), which is supposed to be the sound of a button being pressed, especially in manga.

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