Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 6: To Continue Committing a Deadly Sin


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Fukube Satoshi: Well, Houtarou’s deduction today was quite something, wasn’t it? No normal person could arrive at the reason why Omichi made a mistake.

Oreki Houtarou: Is that so? I thought it something anyone would notice.

Chitanda Eru: But I really think that Oreki-san is amazing.

Ibara Mayaka: Chii-chan, it’ll get to his head, so it’s better not to praise him, I say. Anyway, Fuku-chan, are we reaching that shop yet?

Satoshi: Ha? Heh, we’re almost there. Oh?

Chitanda: That’s it, right? “Kamiyama Sandwich Opening Fair – 100 yen each” is written there.

Satoshi: Today’s the final day. I thought we should at least try it once.

Oreki: For that reason, you brought along the whole Classics Club?

Store clerk: Thank you very much.

Mayaka: Hey, Fuku-chan. This shop’s kind of……

Satoshi: It’s totally empty. Heh.

Oreki: Isn’t it just how it is sometimes?

Satoshi: Well, anyway, let’s eat.

(Everyone starts eating)

(Satoshi groans, and Mayaka coughs)

Chitanda: What’s the problem, everyone?

Mayaka: Bitter!!!

Oreki: Argh! This is painful.

Satoshi: Uhh…… There’s some weird smell coming from it. It’s also really dry inside, and it’s just impossible to eat. Pass, pass!

Mayaka: You’re throwing it away?

Satoshi: Sorry, but I can’t do it.

(Satoshi throws the sandwich into the bin)

Mayaka: He threw it away……

Chitanda: Fukube-san!!

Satoshi: Uwah!!! Um, what is it, Chitanda-san?

Chitanda: What did you just do?! You threw it away, right?! You threw it in the bin even though you’ve only taken a bite!

Satoshi: Well, it’s a waste, but that’s just impossible for me.

Chitanda: Nope! I said so earlier, right? I get angry when I see people wasting food. This is exactly what it is. Why did you do it? Are you an idiot? You want to die?!

Satoshi: Ohhh……

Mayaka: C-Chii-chan, that’s one of the deadly sins.

Oreki: Wrath, I believe.

Chitanda: Ahh, is it? Sorry, Fukube-san.

Satoshi: No, it’s fine.

Chitanda: In any case, it’s a fact that this is wasteful. Everyone, if you’re not eating your sandwich, I’ll eat them all. Oreki-san, Mayaka-san, please hand me the sandwiches.

(Oreki and Mayaka give their sandwiches to Chitanda)

Chitanda Fukube-san’s sandwich should be fine if we recover it immediately, by the thirty-second rule!

(Chitanda starts digging through the trash can)

Satoshi: Ehhhh??!

Mayaka: Chii-chan! That’s also one of the deadly sins!

Oreki: Greed, I think.

Chitanda: I don’t care! Well, I’ll start eating!

Satoshi: Wait!

(Chitanda starts eating the sandwiches)

Satoshi: She’s binge eating them!

Mayaka: Another deadly sin!

Oreki: Gluttony, huh.

Chitanda: Ah! I finished eating!

Mayaka: Chii-chan……

Oreki: I can’t believe you managed to eat those disgusting sandwiches well.

Satoshi: So it’s possible for Chitanda-san……

Chitanda: No, it was difficult.

Satoshi: Huh……

Chitanda: The bread had a bad texture, and the ingredients were haphazard. In the first place, the food wasn’t prepared well. I could make a sandwich a hundred times better with the same ingredients. Well, that’s impossible for the amateurs there.

Mayaka: That’s another deadly sin……

Oreki: Pride, right?

Satoshi: I mean, your character’s all weird. You alright, Chitanda-san?!

Chitanda: Yeah, I’m fine, aren’t I?

Satoshi: What’s with that sloven attitude?

Chitanda: I mean, who cares. About character and whatever. I don’t want anything troublesome. If I do not have to do it, I will not do it.

Mayaka: Another deadly sin?!

Oreki: Sloth!

Mayaka: Chii-chan’s broken! Fuku-chan, what do we do?

(Mayaka hits Satoshi)

Satoshi: Ow! It’s fine, Mayaka. (Mayaka hits Satoshi again) Ow, it hurts! Anyway, stop clinging onto my arm!

Mayaka: But, but……

Chitanda: Ahhh! Mayaka-san! Taking advantage of the confusion to cling onto Fukube-san! Trying to make us jealous, you two?! Trying to make us feel happy for you? Like it’s a self-sacrifice?!

Oreki: What is it now?

Chitanda: Well, you know what they say. Riajuu, you should just explode!1 Yes, please explode forever! Hmph!

Mayaka: This deadly sin is……

Oreki: Yeah. Envy.

Satoshi: Huh! That means that the one remaining sin is……

Chitanda: Huh……

Oreki: Lust!

Mayaka: Chii-chan has become lewd!

Chitanda: It has suddenly become hot here. Can I take off my clothes for a while?

Mayaka: Please!

Oreki: Hey, wait a minute! Why is Ibara happy here?!

Satoshi: But Houtarou, this is amazing! Chitanda-san’s sluggish body is drooping on Mayaka!

Chitanda: Mayaka-san……

Mayaka: Hooh! This is like a reward!

Satoshi: It is?!

Mayaka: Yup. To each his own.

Satoshi: Haahhhhh?!

Chitanda: Mayaka-san, let us exchange promises in our sleep2. Ohh! We could do it under our armpits, or with our calves.

Mayaka: Buhh!! Hehe, anything you say.

Satoshi: Please return to your senses, Chitanda-san!!!

Oreki: What’s going on? This is terrible in so many ways.

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  1. A reference to the Hatsune Miku song of the same name. Riajuu means a person living a fulfilling real life.
  2. Reference to the first ending song, まどろみの約束

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