Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 4: Member Gathering Conference

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Chitanda Eru: Let us begin the first conference to increase the Classics Club’s members!

Ibara Mayaka and Fukube Satoshi: Alright!

Oreki Houtarou: ……Kay.

Chitanda: The role of chairperson will be held by yours truly, Chitanda Eru. Completing the anthology and deciphering the mysteries of Hyouka are serious matters, but attracting new members are also important.

Mayaka: Yeah, you’re right. We only have four members now.

Satoshi: Exactly, Mayaka. Furthermore, two of us will eventually change clubs.

Chitanda: Yes, Fukube-san. For the perfection of the Classics Club’s fighting power, gathering members is an urgent task.

Oreki: Fighting power for what, exactly?

Chitanda: For the inter high school Classics Club competition. Let’s aim for victory!

Oreki: There’s no such thing.

Chitanda: In any case, everyone please contribute some ideas for us to increase the number of members.

Mayaka and Satoshi: Alright!

Chitanda: The first suggestion will be from myself.

Oreki: Well, I guess I’ll listen. If we do get more members, the burden of writing the anthology will be diminished.

Chitanda: Oreki-san, did you say something?

Oreki: No, not really. So what’s your plan, Chitanda?

Chitanda: It is to sell radish in front of the school gates.

Mayaka: Erm……

Oreki: Sorry, I don’t really understand.

Chitanda: Radish helps with digestion, controls the bloody sugar level, and breaks up carcinogens. It can be cooked or pickled, and speaking of its history, it was cultivated in Egypt four thousand years ago.

Mayaka: I see. It’s a classical agricultural crop, right?

Oreki: Don’t agree with something like that! Anyway, even if we sell radish as a classical agricultural crop, can we even attract new members?

Chitanda: Yes! I’m sure we will.

Oreki: Why?

Chitanda: Because it’s delicious.

Oreki: Er…… erm…… ah, whatever.

Satoshi: Hmm…… there must be some students who decide to join the Classics Club after being exposed to the taste of the Chitanda family’s radish.

Oreki: As if! Also, that’s the Gardening Club’s turf, isn’t it?

Chitanda: Then, we should change the Classics Club’s name to Gardening……

Oreki: We can’t do that!

Chitanda: Then, we shall become the Radish Club!

Oreki: Why are you so fixated on radishes? Rejected!

Chitanda: I understand. Then, next up is Fukube-san. Please.

Satoshi: Ah, I see. It’s my turn, huh. But……

Oreki: “A database can’t draw conclusions.”

Satoshi: H-Houtarou?!

Oreki: I’m well aware of what you always say.

Satoshi: But……

Chitanda: You’re right. Well, let us move on to the next person.

Satoshi: Even Chitanda-san!

Mayaka: Well, I can’t follow up with you on everything.

Satoshi: That’s cruel……

Mayaka: Can I go next?

Chitanda: Yes. Mayaka-san, please tell us your thoughts about how to gather members efficiently. Involving radishes, if possible.

Oreki: Forget the radishes.

Chitanda: Yes.

Mayaka: Umm…… If we want to attract members, frankly…… a thin book1.

Satoshi: Erm…… Mayaka, in other words……

Mayaka: As I said! A thin book!

Oreki: Nope.

Satoshi: Definitely not.

Chitanda: Rejected.

Mayaka: Why are you all unanimous about this?!

Oreki: I don’t really know, but it doesn’t seem like it will be a safe book.

Satoshi: Exactly. It’ll be a shady book, for sure.

Chitanda: I’m curious about how it is shady, but right now, I don’t care.

Mayaka: Then, what about you, Oreki?

Oreki: Hm?

Mayaka: You’ve been just shooting your mouth up till now, so you should come up with a plan!

Oreki: A plan, huh……

Satoshi: Right! How should we increase the number of people who want to enter the Classics Club? I would certainly love to hear your opinion about it.

Oreki: Hmmmmm……

Chitanda: Did you think of something, Oreki-san?

Oreki: As I thought, aren’t we fine like this?

Satoshi: Uwahh……

Oreki: Well, you know, I think the four of us make an amazing club. Look, aren’t we all great friends?

Mayaka: Don’t say that while digging your nose!

Satoshi: Seems like he’s given up on using his head.

Oreki: That’s not true!

Chitanda: And when everyone else was racking their brains…… Oreki-san, you’re terrible!

Oreki: That feels good. Say it one more time.

Chitanda: Oreki-san, you’re terrible!

Oreki: Ahh, it’s like a reward!

Chitanda: Terrible!

Oreki: Mmmm, it’s irresistible!

Mayaka: You’re the worst!

Oreki: Now that just pisses me off.

Chitanda: I wonder why there’s such a difference. I’m curious!

(Bell rings)

Satoshi: Ah, it’s time.

Chitanda: Then, let us call it a day. We will start selling radish from tomorrow after school!

Oreki: In the end, it’s radish?!

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  1. Refers to a small book (usually B5 size and 12-32 pages) for doujinshi.

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