Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 15: Tougaito’s Short-lived Ecstasy

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Tougaito Masashi: Phantom Thief Juumoji…… if we could find out their motive, it would be the best material for a wall newspaper…… Sigh…… Can’t we do anything?

(Someone knocks on the door)

Tougaito: Yes? Ah, Chitanda-san. Sorry, we’re a little busy now. Could you come again later?

Chitanda Eru: In that case, I will come later…… No, I cannot!

Tougaito: Ha?

Chitanda: I mean…… I have something important to tell you, Tougaito-san……

Tougaito: What is it?

Chitanda: Not here…… Please come with me!

Tougaito: Oi! Where are we going? Eh?

Chitanda: No one else will come here, I think.

Tougaito: Chitanda-san, what are you trying to do, bringing me here…… (Oh! A deserted area plus a red-faced Chitanda-san plus something important equals…… don’t tell me…… a confession??? Eh? Did I even do anything? Oh yes! I did! I moved all those anthologies back then! Is that it? Could that be the flag?)

Chitanda: Uh, um…… I mean, um…… I……

Tougaito: Y-Yes?

Chitanda: I believe that Tougaito-san will consider this in a positive light……

Tougaito: (Consider this in a positive light? Well, it’s not like I would reject her immediately…… and I’m single now. If Chitanda-san has that idea, can’t say I mind it at all……)

Chitanda: I…… have expectations for you, Tougaito-san!

Tougaito: (What’s going on? Does she want me to confess? Is she expecting a confession from me?) Erm…… by expectations, are you anticipating some sort of action from me?

Chitanda: Oh? No, that’s not it. The only person in the world who can fulfill my hopes is you, Tougaito-san, so…… I cannot help but have high expectations for you!

Tougaito: (This is it~~~!!! Right? Of course! It’s natural for Chitanda-san to like me. I’m the only one who can respond to her.) I-Is that so? Thank you……

Chitanda: But what I want to tell you is a once-in-a-lifetime thing, and the risks outweigh the merits. The advantage for me is small. There is really very little merit for me.

Tougaito: Erm, but…… if anyone can overcome the obstacles, then wouldn’t there be more merit for everyone?

Chitanda: You’re right. I should not throw my hope away. But, this is really difficult for me to say…… I’m really nervous!

Tougaito: Well, that goes for anyone. I also kind of know what you’re trying to say, so you don’t have to be so tense, Chitanda-san.

Chitanda: Eh? Tougaito-san, you managed to read my thoughts? Are you an esper? Or a Newtype?[1]

Tougaito: No, anyone in this situation would notice, I think. This isn’t my first time, after all, and I won’t ignore you, so we’ll reach the conclusion that you hoped for, right?

Chitanda: Tougaito-san, thank you very much! So this is what Irisu-san was talking about.

Tougaito: Eh? Irisu?

Chitanda: Ah, I consulted Irisu-san about this earlier, and you actually agreed to help……

Tougaito: I’m also not that stolid. (Wowwww! She consulted Irisu? Does this mean that we’re official? This is bad…… we’re in trouble……)

Chitanda: (Clears throat) Then, once again, Tougaito-san……

Tougaito: Yes!

Chitanda: Please write about the Classics Club for a wall newspaper article!

Tougaito: What?

Chitanda: I came with the information that Phantom Thief Juumoji’s final target is the Classics Club! I would like you to write about that in your next wall newspaper. I’m counting on you!

Tougaito: Newspaper? Not a confession?

Chitanda: Confession……? What confession?

Tougaito: Ahhhh…… Yes! That’s what I was thinking it wasn’t! Yeah, I understood. I totally understood what you were trying to say.

Chitanda: That’s amazing. I never thought that my intentions would be read like a book. So, what do you say?

Tougaito: Ah, uh…… Alright. We’ll write an article. Could you tell me the details?

Chitanda: Yes! Of course! Thank you very much!

Tougaito: No problem. It seems that we can write an interesting article.

Chitanda: Yes, I believe it will attract everyone’s attention.

Tougaito: (laughs wryly)

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