Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 5: Prepare an Object Starting with “Ko”

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Fukube Satoshi: In other words, Houtarou, what you’re saying is that the Juumoji Incident was foretold in “Ashes at Dusk”, right?

Oreki Houtarou: Yeah. Satoshi, I think there’s some meaning behind this incident.

Satoshi: I’ll be going. I’m worried about Chitanda-san.

Oreki: I see. I’ll leave it to you, then. I’m just going to take a further look at the stuff you lent me. Oh, Satoshi, help me tell Chitanda to prepare an object starting with [KO].

Satoshi: A bait to draw in the perpetrator, huh? I’ve thought about it already. We’ll prepare some cosplay photos ([KO]SUPURE SHASHIN コスプレ写真).

Oreki: Thanks. Wait, what?!

Satoshi: Uhh, what?

Oreki: What did you just say?

Satoshi: Cosplay photos. Of Chitanda-san.

Oreki: How did you know?

Satoshi: A classmate who’s in the Photography Club told me. Apparently she got some amazing pictures.

Oreki: You plan to use the photos as bait?

Satoshi: Yup. Juumoji’s final target will be the cosplay photos of the Chitanda family’s young lady. Like this, we’ll attract a lot of customers, right?

Oreki: (Nosebleeds) Chitanda wouldn’t possibly agree to that, right?

Satoshi: If that would draw in sales of Hyouka, she would endure it. Also, we could make multiple copies of the photos and add them to Hyouka as a special service. One photo per volume. To complete the collection, one would have to buy at least four volumes.

Oreki: Uuhhhh…… this isn’t related to Juumoji and is all towards the goal of selling all copies of Hyouka, but…… this is dirty. This is a really dirty sales tactic.

Satoshi: Houtarou, this is being done in almost every industry, though.

Oreki: Is that so? Then we have no choice…… No! We do have other options!

Satoshi: Huh?

Oreki: No! Rejected! I won’t allow those photos to be exposed to the public!

Satoshi: Houtarou?

Oreki: I-It’s to do with the image of the Classics Club. Having our president do that…… dressing up as a cheerleader or maid…… we can’t be so cheap!

Satoshi: Really?

Oreki: Yes, really! So no cosplay photos! Find something else!

Satoshi: Erm…… but……

Oreki: In any case, we came out here saying that we had something obscene to talk about1. If we ask Chitanda about her cosplay photos, she would definitely misunderstand!

Satoshi: Well, I suppose.

Oreki: Isn’t there anything else? Anything that starts with [KO].

Satoshi: Hmmmm…… [KO]…… [KO]…… Cossack dance ([KO]SAKKUDANSU コサックダンス).

Oreki: How would someone steal that?

Satoshi: Then, how about Cossack cavalry ([KO]SAKKU KIHEI コサック 騎兵)?

Oreki: And how exactly would someone steal that?

Satoshi: Combat Sambo2 ([KO]MANDO SANBO コマンド サンボ).

Oreki: Stop talking about Russia!

Satoshi: Corsica Mafia ([KO]RUSHIKA MAFIA コルシカ マフィア).

Oreki: As if that would be fine!

Satoshi: Combat armor ([KO]NBATTO ARUMAA  コンバット アーマ).

Oreki: Can you even see reality?3

Satoshi: Komodo dragon ([KO]MODOO TOKAGE コモドー トカゲ).

Oreki: Up till now, you haven’t said anything that can be used.

Satoshi: Frilled lizard (ERIMAKI TOKAGE 襟巻 トカゲ).

Oreki: Stop talking about lizards! And where did the [KO] go?

Satoshi: You’re being awfully noisy about this. Uhhh…… [KO] [KO] [KO] [KO] [KO]…… Côte d’Ivoire4 ([KO]OTOJIBOWAA[RU] コートジボワール)! [RU]!

Oreki: Eh?

Satoshi: [RU], [RU], [RU].

Oreki: [RU]…… Romania ([RU]MANI[A] ルマニア). [A]…… Wait, this isn’t Shiritori5 (SHIRITORI JA NAI KA[RA] しりとり じゃ ない から)!

Satoshi: [RA], [RA], [RA], [RA]?

Oreki: Ahhh, I said we aren’t doing Shiritori! Think seriously!

Satoshi: Houtarou, don’t ask me to do the impossible. If all that won’t work, then all I can think of is the completed manuscript ([KO]URYOU GENKOU 校了原稿).

Oreki: Completed manuscript? Ahhh…… why didn’t you say that in the first place!

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  1. Refer to The Kudryavka Sequence, Chapter 5-1.
  2. A soviet martial art and combat sport. Sambo is an acronym that translates as “self-defense without weapons”.
  3. The 1981 anime Fang of the Sun Dougram would end with this line on the next episode previews.
  4. Also known as Ivory Coast.
  5. Japanese word game in which the players are required to say a word which begins with the final sound of the previous word.

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