Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 6: The Grand Unveiling

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Chitanda Eru: Oreki-san! Oreki-san!

Oreki Houtarou: (groans)

Chitanda: Are you alright?

Oreki: Yeah…… Where are we, Chitanda?

Chitanda: The cryogenic room.

Oreki: W-What did you say?!

Chitanda: Good! You’re awake! After escaping from that war, we have been traveling in space for about two hundred years.

Oreki: Two, two hundred years?!

Chitanda: Yes, right now we’re on board the spaceship “Candy”. I awoke from the cryogenic sleep about two years earlier than you.

Oreki: Is that so? Are we saved?

Chitanda: That seems to be so.

Oreki: What about the rest?

Chitanda: Everyone escaped, but under these circumstances, I cannot be sure of their safety.

Oreki: What happened to Satoshi and Ibara?

Chitanda: ……

Oreki: No way……

Chitanda: It will be fine. They should have escaped as well.

Oreki: That would be great, but……

Computer: We will be reaching the planet “Candy” soon. Please prepare for descent.

Chitanda: Right, we’ll be entering the atmosphere. Let us go to the deck, Oreki-san.

Oreki: Alright.

(Spaceship crashes)

Oreki: Uohhhh!

Chitanda: Ahhhhh!

Oreki: Uhh…… Chitanda, you alright?

Chitanda: Yes. What about you, Oreki-san?

Oreki: I hit my head on something, but well, I’m fine.

Chitanda: Really?

Oreki: Your face is too close. Uhh…… Well, how’s the situation outside?

Chitanda: The pressure seems to be fine. The oxygen is quite thin, but the proportion of carbon dioxide is relatively high.

Oreki: We should put on our space suit, then.

Chitanda: Yes, but I don’t really like wearing it.

Oreki: We don’t have a choice.

(Door opens and closes)

Chitanda: Uhhh…… As I thought, this is really embarrassing. It’s so tight! Like this, you can see lines of my body. Uuh…… my chest…… it’s really tight around my chest!

Oreki: It’s quite uncomfortable for me too. My nether regions hurt from being squeezed tight.

Chitanda: Ngh……

Oreki: Well, we’ll become used to it over time. Come, let’s go.

Chitanda: Alright.

(Door opens, Oreki and Chitanda move outside)

Chitanda: It’s a never-ending desert, huh. Shall we take a little break, Oreki-san?

Oreki: Yeah, let’s rest for a while.

Chitanda: There’s a building over there.

Oreki: Ah, that concrete building? Let’s take a look.

(Oreki and Chitanda walk towards the building)

Oreki: It’s about as large as a car. This seems like a garage. I wonder if people used to live here.

Chitanda: That seems very likely. We humans have migrated to all sorts of places, after all. Because of that war, we were also forced to leave Earth.

Oreki: Is this even a planet where humans can live?

Chitanda: Who knows…… To have an accurate answer, we would need to return to the ship and do a study.

Oreki: Even if we continue walking, it’ll just be even more desert, and we’ll make no progress. Let’s return for now.

Chitanda: Mm…… Right……

Oreki: Hm? What’s wrong, Chitanda?

Chitanda: Uh, no, nothing……

Oreki: Could it be……

Chitanda: There wouldn’t be a…… toilet or anything nearby, would there?

Oreki: You can do it in your space suit, right?

Chitanda: About that…… I’m not used to the space suit……

Fukube Satoshi: Anyone here?

Chitanda: Oh!

Satoshi: Ah! Houtarou! And Chitanda-san too! So you guys are fine!

Oreki: Satoshi!

Chitanda: Fukube-san! I’m so glad that you’re safe!

Satoshi: This planet is fine. The oxygen levels are slightly lower than on Earth, but well, if you think of it as Mt. Fuji 5th station1, you’ll get used to it in time.

Oreki: Is that so?

Chitanda: Fukube-san, weren’t you with Mayaka-san?

Satoshi: Ah, Mayaka’s fine. She went to the castle for the unveiling ceremony.

Oreki: Castle? I never knew there’s one here……

Chitanda: A castle, you say? What kind of castle is it? Why is Mayaka-san going there? I’m curious!

Oreki: Weren’t you interested in the toilet?

Chitanda: Haah…… I’ve already done it in the space suit……

Oreki: Eh? Ah, I see.

Satoshi: Ahh…… Do the two of you want to follow me to the castle?

Oreki: The castle? What for?

Satoshi: For the unveiling, of course!

Oreki: What’s an unveiling?

Chitanda: I’m curious!

Satoshi: For some reason, the owner of the castle has developed a huge robot, and he wants to show it to all the citizens on this planet.

Oreki: Huh! It’s probably a fake.

Chitanda: That might be so, but in any case, I’m curious. We should go take a look. Let’s go!

Oreki: Good grief……

Satoshi: As expected, Chitanda-san’s really understanding!

Satoshi: Woah! So many people! It’s like a festival! Looks like there’s at least a thousand people here.

Oreki: I’m not comfortable with places like these.

Chitanda: Aren’t you excited, Oreki-san?

Oreki: Nope. Not at all.

Chitanda: I can’t wait!

Castle owner: Welcome, one and all! Thank you for taking your time to be part of the unveiling ceremony of my giant cannon robot, Robot Giant, or Robo G for short. Now, we will be installing the replica intelligence system, Windows – Ahem – onto Robo G. Compared to previous models, this is cheaper, and requires no maintenance cost. Moreover, it contains considerably higher power.

Satoshi: The replica intelligence systems of recent times have become really efficient, huh. But they don’t hold a candle to the legendary original intelligence, Makki.

Oreki: In other words, they’re like the OS of a computer, right?

Ibara Mayaka: No. While it is called an intelligence system, Makki had the exterior of humans, and even had emotions.

Oreki: Ibara!

Chitanda: Mayaka-san! So you’re safe too!

Mayaka: Yup! I’m also really glad that you’re fine too!

Satoshi: Hey, Mayaka, isn’t it about time?

Mayaka: Ah, Fuku-chan. It’ll start soon.

Castle owner: Er, ah, everyone, we will be starting soon.

Satoshi: It’s starting, Mayaka, Chitanda-san.

Mayaka: We’ll get to see the new intelligence system’s skills!

Chitanda: Wow! This is really interesting, right, Oreki-san?

Oreki: Yeah……

Castle owner: Here we have two units of the robot we are so proud of, Robo G, with the new replica intelligence system successfully installed! First, we have one with red fuselage! And then, the other one with blue fuselage! Since you are all here, we shall display the abilities of our new replica intelligence system Windows – ahem – and for that, we shall have a simulation battle between the two robots!

(Crowd cheers)

Oreki: Oh, a simulation battle.

Satoshi: That’s amazing!

Mayaka: Yeah. Looking at the real thing, it seems really strong. It’s about 100 meters in height, I think.

Chitanda: It’s enormous.

Oreki: It’s so huge that my neck hurts just by looking at it.

Castle owner: Now, everyone! I would like to begin the simulation battle! First, let me introduce the pilot of the red robot. We have a person whose head looks like that of a kappa2, Second Lieutenant Tani! As for the blue robot, its pilot has a head like dango, First Lieutenant Sawakiguchi! Oh! The two of them are raring to go! This time, Second Lieutenant Tani’s replica intelligence system is three times faster than normal, and First Lieutenant Sawakiguchi’s robot is completely different from Zaku3. Definitely not!

(More cheering from the crowd)

Castle owner: Well then, since our time is limited, let us begin immediately! Both robots will fight, and whichever falls to the ground first is the loser. Are you ready? Then the simulation battle will begin! Ready, start!

Satoshi: Woah! As I thought, the real thing’s awesome! There’s this imposing aura that you jut can’t get in games!

Mayaka: First Lieutennat Sawakiguchi’s Robo G will win.

Chitanda: Eh? How do you know that, Mayaka-san?

Mayaka: It has a different aura. You should be able to see it, too. Her movements are unusual.

Oreki: Yup.

Satoshi: Yeah.

Castle owner: A sudden attack! Second Lieutenant Tani’s robot is unstable from First Lieutenant Sawakiguchi’s punch! It tries to maintain stability, but ooh! It lost its balance! First Lieutenant Tani’s Robo G has hit the ground! The impact has created a huge sandstorm!

Mayaka: Oh no! The humongous sandstorm is coming our way, Fuku-chan!

Satoshi: You’re right! This is bad, Houtarou, Chitanda-san!

Oreki: Let’s escape.

Mayaka: We won’t make it!

Satoshi: You’re right, we won’t. We’ll be covered in sand.

Oreki: There is nothing more that can be done, huh.

Chitanda: Suspend mode, unlock! Protect us!

Oreki: Yes, Master Aeru4! Eh?! My mouth just……

Mayaka: Uuh…… Oh! A giant white hand is hovering above our heads!

Satoshi: You’re right. That white Robo G’s hand shielded us, right?

Oreki: Whose is it? Did the intelligence system on this Robo G go rogue?

Chitanda: No, this isn’t a replica. This is the original, and my partner, Oreki-san.

Satoshi: The original intelligence system?! I can’t believe that such a legendary object actually exists…… I thought that Robo Gs were only moved by replica intelligence systems!

Oreki: No, Satoshi. I’ve heard about it, the pure white Robo G. Apparently, its white fuselage contains the original intelligence system. And if I remember correctly, the name of that white robot is……

Chitanda: Queen of White. Oreki-san, this is my Robo G.

Oreki, Satoshi, Mayaka: Eh?!

Oreki: The white one!!

Chitanda: Queen of White! Protect us!

Oreki: Yes, Master Aeru! I shall protect everyone and evacuate this area! Wait, my mouth moved on its own again……

Satoshi: What’s the matter, Houtarou?

Oreki: Eh, ah! Nothing.

(Mechanical sounds)

Mayaka: We’re on the hand!

Satoshi: This is pretty huge too.

Oreki: About the original intelligence system Chitanda was talking about…… could that be me? Ha…… seriously…… hahahaha…… H-Hey! The head has appeared too!

(More mechanical sounds)

Satoshi: The Robo G’s entire body has appeared, Mayaka!

Mayaka: That height!

Oreki: It’s really tall…… at least 50 meters tall!

Satoshi: Ohh! The robot is kneeling!

Mayaka: It’s shaking…… I’m scared!

Oreki: It’s probably for Chitanda to get on.

Satoshi: Houtarou, Chitanda-san has got onto the other hand.

Oreki: Ah.

Satoshi: Chitanda-san has reached the same height as us.

Mayaka: Chii-chan! What will you do?

Chitanda: We will be evacuating this area. I will be going inside this robot, so all of you, please hold tightly onto the fingers. Then, let us go!

Mayaka: Alright!

Satoshi: OK!

Oreki: Yes! Master Aeru! Ehh! As I thought……

Chitanda: Eru, moving out!

(Robot blasts off)

Satoshi: Houtarou?

Mayaka: Oreki?

Chitanda: Oreki-san!

Oreki: (groans) Eh? Where am I?

Satoshi: The Comiket5 venue. We were invited by Mayaka, don’t you remember? Anyway, I can’t believe you actually fell asleep at the passageway in front of the toilet.

Chitanda: We were hanging out at Mayaka-san’s circle and were about to take a break, but Oreki-san fell asleep without us knowing.

Mayaka: What are you sleeping for? Anyway, since we’re here, let’s take a peek at the exhibition booths!

Chitanda: Exhibition booths? I’m curious! Come, Oreki-san, let’s go!

Oreki: Good grief…… Understood, Master Aeru.

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  1. Popular destination that is 2300m about sea level.
  2. River imp in traditional Japanese folklore.
  3. A type of mobile suit from Gundam.
  4. I’m not sure why it’s Aeru and not Eru. I might be missing a reference here.
  5. The world’s largest doujinshi(self-published work) fair.

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