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Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 2: OOPArts of the Classics Club


(Note about title: OOParts are out-of-place artifacts, or artifacts found in an unusual context that challenges conventional historical chronology by being “too advanced” for the level of civilization that existed at the time.) Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Oreki Houtarou: So, what will the anthology be like? Chitanda Eru: I do not know. Oreki: Oh, really…… Chitanda:...

Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 2: What if Houtarou and Satoshi Were Convenience Store Employees – Part 2


Prev Track | Contents | Next Track Scene 1: Making a deal in a convenience store is convenient Ibara Mayaka: I should get it soon…… my thin book! It’s quite embarrassing, but…… Geh?! Fuku-chan?! Fukube Satoshi: Oh? Mayaka, what’s up? Mayaka: Fuku-chan, so you’re working here…… Ah, I came here to pick up a book that I ordered……...

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