Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 2: What if Houtarou and Satoshi Were Convenience Store Employees – Part 2

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Scene 1: Making a deal in a convenience store is convenient

Ibara Mayaka: I should get it soon…… my thin book1! It’s quite embarrassing, but…… Geh?! Fuku-chan?!

Fukube Satoshi: Oh? Mayaka, what’s up?

Mayaka: Fuku-chan, so you’re working here…… Ah, I came here to pick up a book that I ordered……

Satoshi: Oh! If that’s so, just now Houtarou was……

Mayaka: O-Oreki’s here too?!

Oreki Houtarou: What is it?

Satoshi: Houtarou, did Mayaka’s book arrive yet?

Oreki: Yeah. Is it…… this book?

Mayaka: Ah, ah…… yeah……

Oreki: Erm, the book’s title is……

Mayaka: Huh?!

Oreki: “~~~ of —“2, is that right?

Mayaka: Gaahhhhh?! W-Why did you have to say it, Oreki?!

Oreki: Well, I thought it would be good to check, just in case.

Mayaka: You don’t have to check at all! Just hurry up and put it in the bag!

Oreki: Ibara, you would be troubled if you got the wrong book, right? What would you do if “—” became “anus”3?

Mayaka: (Screams hysterically)

Satoshi: Wait, Houtarou, isn’t what you’re doing wrong?

Mayaka: Fu…… Fuku-chan!

Satoshi: Houtarou, I can’t believe you misread the title.

Mayaka: Eh?!

Satoshi: Houtarou might not know, but “—” is read as “Kichiku”4 in the context of this title.

Mayaka: Yaaahhhhhhh!

Oreki: Is that so, Satoshi? I always thought that it was read as “—“.

Satoshi: Mayaka’s been collecting this series passionately. She won’t forgive us if we pronounce wrongly, so this is a good chance to remember it.

Oreki: I see.

Satoshi: It’s not “—“, but “Kichiku”.

Oreki: Understood. It’s not “—“, but “Kichiku”, right? Sorry, Ibara, I’ll be more careful next time.

Mayaka: (Sniffling) Fuku-chan and Oreki…… you two idiots!!!

Oreki: Huh. Oi! Ibara! You forgot your book! “— of Kichiku”!

Mayaka: Nooooooooo!!!

Scene 2: Finally becoming motivated

Satoshi: Nice! I’ve finished sweeping the front of the store.

Juumonji Kaho: Fukube-kun.

Satoshi: Oh? Juumonji-san.

Juumonji: I’ll give you something good.

Satoshi: Eh? What’s with this sweet?

Juumonji: Anyone who eats this will become motivated.

Satoshi: Huh? Really?

(Satoshi goes into the convenience store)

Satoshi: Houtarou, try eating this sweet.

Oreki: Mm.

Satoshi: Oh. Welcome!

Koreyuki Tani: Yo! Fukube! That’s an interesting outfit you’re wearing.

Satoshi: Who’s this again? I remember now! Okamoto-kun!

Tani: I’m Tani, dammit!

Satoshi: Sorry, Tani-kun. I can’t remember people who don’t have an element of unpredictability.

Tani: You’re exposing your true thoughts without even attempting to hide your mistake?!

Oreki: WELCOME! What are you looking for, Tani?

Tani: Ha?

Satoshi: The sweet’s taking it’s effect on Houtarou!

Oreki: Please wait a moment, Tani.

Tani: I didn’t ask for anything! Hey, in any case, stop calling me by my given name5!

Satoshi: Ohh, Houtarou’s finally becoming motivated.

Oreki: Sorry to keep you waiting, Tani!

Tani: Didn’t I tell you to stop calling me by my name! Oi, Oreki. What’s with this book?!

Oreki: It’s a book to acquaint yourself with being unpredictable. I’ve warmed it up for you!

Satoshi: That’s thoughtful of you, Houtarou!

Oreki: “If I don’t have to do it, I’ll do it anyway. If I have to do it, I’ll go all the way.” That’s my motto.

Tani: What am I supposed to do with this steaming hot book?!

Oreki: The goods in that wagon are also a bargain. How about buying it all together?

Tani: Oi, aren’t these all past their Best Before dates?!

Oreki: And I’ll also help you make a special membership card, Tani!

Tani: I won’t come again, so I don’t need it!

Oreki: Then I’ll send you to your lovely home6, Tani!

Tani: Ah! Wait! D-Don’t give me a piggyback, Oreki! Uwaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Satoshi: Looks like they’re gone.

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  1. Refers to a small book (usually B5 size and 12-32 pages) for doujinshi.
  2. Thanks to the beeps, and my lack of experience with this sort of thing, I can’t really tell what the title of the book is (something risque, I presume). Those who know something, please tell me! I’m curious too!
  3. Pretty sure about this one.
  4. Bastard Boyfriend, or a male character who is cruel to his romantic partner in a kinky way.
  5. It’s impolite to call someone by his/her given name without any honorific, if you’re not friends with that person.
  6. Oreki said it extremely politely here.

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