Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 1: Anjou-san’s Incredible Work

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Tanabe Jirou: Oreki-kun. You’re saying that I started all these incidents because Kugayama had lost “The Kudryavka Sequence”, right?

Oreki Houtarou: That’s just a hypothesis, Tanabe-senpai, since I can’t tell what your motives would be.

Tanabe: Aah, I suppose. The only other person who would get the message would be Anjou-san.

Oreki: You’re saying that Kugayama wouldn’t get the message?

Tanabe: Yeah.

Oreki: Then why……?

Tanabe: ……Haah. Oreki-kun. You’ve read that manga, “Ashes at Dusk”, right?

Oreki: Yes. It was a good manga.

Tanabe: Indeed, it was great, but don’t you have any other thoughts about it?

Oreki: I see…… The artwork was beautiful, I guess. Especially the characters.

Tanabe: Exactly. Those characters were drawn by Kugayama, and furthermore, the heroine is unbearably amazing! Here, Take a look!

Oreki: Uh huh. Ahhh, you’re right. How do I put it…… she looks appealing, doesn’t she?

Tanabe: Right? Anyone would fall in love with her. She just exudes an exquisite eroticism that is neither simple nor seductive. It’s not any old “Moe”1 or “Buhi”2. There’s just something fresh about this heroine that stirs the hearts of every healthy young man!

Oreki: Hmm…… Now that you say it……

Tanabe: Here, look at her clothes! The curves on her legs!

Oreki: Uh huh.

Tanabe: Look! The nape of her neck! It’s so foxy, isn’t it?!

Oreki: Oh-ho! Not bad.

Tanabe: I never thought that Mune (Kugayama) would have this much talent. I assumed that he was just a riajuu3, but I was wrong. That guy’s a pervert. He has the power to even sell ten thousand at the outer circle4.

Oreki: Don’t know what you mean.

Tanabe: It’s a compliment, you don’t have to think about it. In any case, he no longer has the will to draw.

Oreki: That’s such a waste.

Tanabe: There’s a proper script. It wasn’t lost at all! I bring it around with me at all times. Here!

Oreki: Oh, ohhh…… this is…… the script of “The Kudryavka Sequence” that Anjou-senpai wrote, right?

Tanabe: Just read it, even for a bit. Flip through it if you have to.

Oreki: It feels so warm, though……

(Oreki flips through script)

Oreki: This is…… extremely risque, huh.

Tanabe: Right. It’s the pinnacle of eroticism. So much that it makes me think “Does Anjou-san have testosterone5 in her heart or what?” So many girls appear in ABC order, just like in an AV scene6, and I just can’t endure it!

Oreki: Mmm—

Tanabe: If Kugayama would contribute his artwork to this script, it would definitely be a masterpiece!

Oreki: Is that so?

Tanabe: Such a waste, isn’t it?! Regrettable, right? But Mune won’t draw it! If he just said something like “Let’s do it”, I was ready to do anything!

Oreki: Senpai?

Tanabe: I just can’t help but want to read an outrageously erotic manga drawn by Mune! But then! When I asked him…… Ahhhhh~

Oreki: So, is this what you wanted to convey? “Kugayama, hurry up and draw your outrageously erotic manga for me.”

Tanabe: ……Haah…… What a splendid deduction.

Oreki: Nope, not splendid at all.

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  1. Strong affection towards characters in anime, manga and video games.
  2. Apparently the pig-like cries of Otakus when they have Moe.
  3. Someone interested in real things and has a successful social life.
  4. Refers to vendors on the outer areas of doujin (self-pulished manga) conventions. Those spaces belong to the more popular authors, I believe.
  5. The audio CD literally says “testicles” (pretty sure even with the censoring beeps), but I found it weird in an English sentence, so I just substituted it with testosterone.
  6. Note that “ABC” sounds like “AV Scene”. Also, AV refers to Adult Video.

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  2. Thanks for the Drama CD. Do you know where can ÇI find the 1st one (given that the next track seems to be part 2 from a track there)?

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