Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 2: OOPArts of the Classics Club

(Note about title: OOParts are out-of-place artifacts, or artifacts found in an unusual context that challenges conventional historical chronology by being “too advanced” for the level of civilization that existed at the time.)

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Oreki Houtarou: So, what will the anthology be like?

Chitanda Eru: I do not know.

Oreki: Oh, really……

Chitanda: I’m sorry. I thought it would be fine if we did some research. If there are some previous issues, we could get some hints from them. Let’s search for them!

(Oreki and Chitanda search the area)

Chitanda: Haah, it won’t be easy to find, huh……

Oreki: This is the Geography Lecture Room, after all. There’s so much junk around. Oh?

Chitanda: Did you find anything?

Oreki: I found a cardboard box at the corner of that shelf. There’s “Classics Club equipment” written on it.

Chitanda: That must be it! Let’s open it!

Oreki: Be patient.

(Oreki and Chitanda open the box)

Oreki: It doesn’t seem to be the anthology’s back numbers. There’s all kinds of equipment in there.

Chitanda: I see.

Oreki: A register book of the club members, contact notes1…… There’s also a lot of other trash. Oh?

Chitanda: Did you find something, Oreki-san?

Oreki: It’s an old mask. Here.

Chitanda: Ahhhh! I wonder if it’s from South America. There’s lots of sinister-looking ornaments on it.

Oreki: There’s a label stuck on it. What does it say…… “Excavated from the hill behind school on August ’86. Do not wear this.”

Chitanda: Why was such a suspicious mask unearthed from that hill, I wonder?

Oreki: More importantly, why was the Classics Club involved in excavation activities?

Chitanda: What happens if you wear it? I’m curious!

Oreki: What’s with your eyes? They’re just screaming at me to put on the mask!

Chitanda: Aren’t you going to?

Oreki: Of course not! It’s weird!

Chitanda: That’s a pity.

Oreki: Hey……

Chitanda: There are a lot of other things in the box. Haha, I wonder what this is?

Oreki:: This is…… a record, I believe.

Chitanda: A record, huh. There are four funky people with afros on its jacket.

Oreki: Funky, you say……

Chitanda: The title is…… “Funky Night of Love”, and the artists are “The funky siblings of the Classics Club”.

Oreki: Hold on, this record was made by Classics Club members?

Chitanda: Apparently. It’s a special limited edition version for the ’77 cultural festival.

Oreki: You’re right. Was the choreography and music all done by the Classics Club too?

Chitanda: This means that the afro group on the jacket are the Classics Club members of that time.

Oreki: What kind of activities did they have…… Producing a record back then cost quite a lot of money, I think.

Chitanda: I really want to hear the songs, don’t you?

Oreki: I’m certainly a little interested, but…… look inside. The record’s broken.

Chitanda: What a shame. It was probably funky, too.

Oreki: Do you even know what that means?

Chitanda: Besides that…… Aha! I found a trophy! They must have won it in some competition.

Oreki: What does it say? ” ’80 Kamiyama City Rugby Competition Tournament – Kamiyama High School Classics Club”?!

Chitanda: Champion? That’s amazing!

Oreki: Actually, the most important question is why did the Classics Club manage to win a rugby tournament?

Chitanda: That’s true.

Oreki: Wait a minute, if they played rugby, that means that there were at least fifteen members in the Classics Club?!

Chitanda: There are only three now. Let’s work hard to increase that number! For now, we should aim to get enough members to enter a baseball competition!

Oreki: Not entering!

Chitanda: Then, how about a basketball……

Oreki: Nope!

Chitanda: Then, what kind of competition should we enter?

Oreki: Why are you asking me? And why do you want to enter one?

Chitanda: Well, for some reason.

Oreki: Ahh, please don’t.

Chitanda: There are still other things inside.

Oreki: Oi, Chitanda, what about finding the back numbers?

Chitanda: This time, it’s a photograph! It seems to be a photo of some gathering.

Oreki: Hm……

Chitanda: There are a lot of people in it. About ten, I think?

Oreki: Aside from the number of people, why are all of them wearing camouflaged clothes and carrying rifles?

Chitanda: Who knows?

Oreki: And why are there transport helicopters and armored vehicles at the back, not to mention that blatantly rough-looking Caucasian instructor folding his arms?

Chitanda: There’s something written on the back…… ” ’96 Classics Club Training Camp – North Carolina Fort Black Base”.

Oreki: What kind of training was that?

Chitanda: I don’t know, but there must have been some special circumstances for that. I don’t care, though!

Oreki: No, that’s something you should be curious about!

Chitand: Anyway, there don’t seem to be any back issues of the anthology. Haah, this is bad!

Oreki: Classics Club…… just what kind of club was it?

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  1. If I’m not mistaken, this refers to notes written by parents to inform the school that their child is absent or has to leave early.

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