Satou Satomi (Chitanda Eru’s Voice Actress) interviews Honobu Yonezawa

(Source: Honobu Yonezawa and the Classics Club)

Satou Satomi is a voice actress who gave an enthusiastic performance as Chitanda Eru in the anime version of Hyouka. She has also done various roles like Tainaka Ritsu in K-ON!

Q: Please tell me the details of how the Hyouka series was conceived? (When, how, what were you doing when you thought of the idea?)

A: The root of it was a study I wrote during my time as a student.

I came into contact with the subgenre of “everyday mystery”, and I wanted to write in that style myself, so I wrote some short stories with a university student as the protagonist. I got used to it, and started having thoughts of submitting my work. At that moment, I decided to change the setting from university to high school, and it became Hyouka.

Q: Please tell me your candid thoughts of the Hyouka anime, and if there are any scenes that left a lasting impression.

A: When I write my stories, I usually don’t distinctly imagine the characters’ faces, and instead I think of their silhouettes, so to speak, so I was surprised to see the characters that appeared in the anime.

As for scenes that left an impression, I really liked “Those Who Know Something” and “Is it Sunny out in the Mountains?” Since I have always been a fan of mystery dramas set in closed rooms, I was really excited to watch the former. For the latter, the original story was quite a short one, so there was a lot of time to work with, and as a result, I remember that the emotions depicted in that episode were fleshed out in a very detailed manner.

Q: What kind of existence do you think Chitanda Eru has?

I’m curious!

A: Ahaha, when I say, “I’m curious about that” during work meetings, I often get asked, “Are you acting like Chitanda?”, even though they are really common words. Since this happens to even me, it must happen a lot more for you, Satou-san.

In all the humble works I have put out, Chitanda is the character I’ve known the longest. But to be honest, there are still some parts of her that I cannot grasp. I generally know what makes her happy and sad, but I feel like I still don’t fully understand her deeper feelings.

I believe this is because the <Classics Club> series has been written largely through the eyes of Oreki. To him, Chitanda is still a mystery.

Q: What animal would you compare yourself to?

A: Hmm, hmm. If it’s like a fox or raccoon that can turn into a human, a thought comes to mind; I share the dislikes of a cat.

Q: Please tell me about your favorite place. (You can give the specific location, shop name, or give the general atmosphere that you like!)

A: I like places that give the feeling of accumulated culture. It’s hard to describe it in words, but I feel happy when I see places that have been lived in for hundreds of years, or scenery where detailed arrangements have been added here and there.

That, as well as western-style houses. But I also like Japanese-style architecture… and lots of other places.

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