Pigcow-Translations is Three Years Old!


As of 17 November 2021, Pigcow-Translations is, as the title of this post suggests, three years old! The last year might have been quite a shitter, to put it crudely, but since I had to stay at home most of the time, I managed to translate two whole volumes of Petit Bourgeois. I thank you all for following the series (and boosting site traffic) thus far, although if I could make a selfish...

Two Years


It has been two years since the first post on this website, so Pigcow Translations is officially two years old!

We have a bunch of new stuff, like Hyouka Audio CD translations (audio included) and piano sheet music for a wide range of songs, so please check them out!

Chitanda Eru’s Bookshelf


Oreki Houtarou’s Bookshelf | Contents | Fukube Satoshi’s Bookshelf (Source: Honobu Yonezawa and the Classics Club) Note from Yonezawa-san: Chitanda doesn’t seem like the type to read voraciously, but she has no difficulty at all reading long, advanced texts or translations. On the other hand, books like literature anthologies and classic anthologies would not belong to her, but would...

Oreki Houtarou’s Bookshelf


Contents | Chitanda Eru’s Bookshelf (Source: Honobu Yonezawa and the Classics Club) Note from Yonezawa-san: While Oreki is written as not having read much mysteries, he is always reading a small paperback book in the club room. He often reads novels, but rather than taking on masterpieces and classic works as students usually do to supplement their education, he probably reads whatever he...

Hidden References in the Classics Club


Yonezawa-san likes to play little “pranks” in his works. This exhaustive public reveal of hidden references in the series even includes those in the last two volumes, and will make you go “Ohh”, “I see!” or “Seriously?” while nodding your head in agreement. We shall now introduce these various references, with comments from Yonezawa-san himself. (Sentences between inverted commas are comments...

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