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Hyouka Impossible Intermission Track 1: The Unsolved Mystery Comes with Great Interest


Contents | Next Track Fukube Satoshi: But, Houtarou. Oreki Houtarou: Hm? Satoshi: I think going to the music room would have helped you fulfill your motto in the long run. Strangely enough, today’s unsolved mystery will probably come with great interest. Oreki: Ugh. Satoshi: Houtarou, you don’t owe me anything for this favor. See yaǃ Oreki: A deferment, huh. It’s exactly as Satoshi...

Hyouka Drama CD 2 Track 1: Anjou-san’s Incredible Work


Contents | Next Track Tanabe Jirou: Oreki-kun. You’re saying that I started all these incidents because Kugayama had lost “The Kudryavka Sequence”, right? Oreki Houtarou: That’s just a hypothesis, Tanabe-senpai, since I can’t tell what your motives would be. Tanabe: Aah, I suppose. The only other person who would get the message would be Anjou-san. Oreki:...

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