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Chapter 3: The Lost Dragon – Kajiwara Akihito’s Report (Part 5)


Full Text Chapter 3 Part 4 | Contents | Chapter 3 Part 6 Once again, we went back to the hōjō and were shown into the “Waterfall Room”. As the name suggested, it was a wide, beautiful Japanese-style room from which you could see a waterfall. Three men were waiting for us there. “Nice to meet you. I am the deputy abbot of Nanzen-ji, and my name is Unshou.” The deputy abbot, an elderly monk...

Holmes of Kyoto Vol 2 Chapter 1: The Philosophy of Judgment (Part 5)


Full Text Chapter 1 Part 4 | Contents | Chapter 1 Part 6 And then Saturday arrived. I met with Holmes-san at 9 in the morning at the entrance of the Philosopher’s Walk. By the way, to get to the Philosopher’s Walk, you would have to turn East along Imadegawa-dori and get to a street called Shirakawa-dori. The entrance to the Philosopher’s Walk is just on that street. Taking a bus would be fine...

Chapter 5: After the Festival (Part 5)


Full Text Chapter 5 Part 4 | Contents | Afterword Thus we went around looking at the yamaboko, then returned to Kura on Teramachi Sanjou. Come to think of it, I’d left my uniform and bag at the shop. The shopping street was quiet, and only Kura was lit up by the faint light of the lamps. “—Here you go.” As usual, Holmes-san had prepared some café au lait. “Thank you.” I held the cup in my...

Chapter 4: Case of the Mt. Kurama Estate Inheritance (Part 5)


Full Text Chapter 4 Part 4 | Contents | Chapter 4 Part 6 —We waited for another 10 minutes or so. While drinking some tea, I was touching the flowing river with my hand and saying, “As I thought, it’s cold,” when Kajiwara-san’s emissary arrived at the front of the shop to receive us. “I am Kajiwara’s secretary, Kurashina.” The smart-looking man who was bowing and introducing himself was...

Chapter 2: In Days of Aoi (Part 5)


Full Text Chapter 2 Part 4 | Contents | Chapter 2 Part 6 —And then Saturday arrived. Leaving the running of Kura to Manager, Holmes and I headed towards the flower arrangement exhibition, which was being held in a hotel. It was apparently being held in the event hall of Kyoto Hotel Okura, which was in the direction of the city hall. In other words, it was at a walkable distance from Kura...

The Tempo Loss Bishop Exchange of Haruhi Suzumiya (Part 5)


Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter I’d forgotten to mention this, but in Pair Shogi, there is a five-minute break time. While partners are prohibited from discussing with each other during play, some time is separately allocated to analyze the current situation, decide on the future direction of play and plan out strategies with one’s partner. As such, Pair Shogi holds quite a strong position as...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 5)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 5 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter During tea break time, Asahina-san refilled everyone’s teacups again, allowing me to feel at ease. Let’s hurry up and deal with the last three phenomena already. Koizumi put down his teacup and picked up Miss Mystery Society’s report. “How about a never-opened door? It’s a door somewhere in the school that cannot be opened no...

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