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Holmes of Kyoto Vol 2 Chapter 1: The Philosophy of Judgment (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 1 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 1 Part 3 —It was the day before, which was a Sunday. Holmes-san had finally returned to Kura after one month away, so the store, which had for some reason been aflutter with activity before, settled down. While Holmes-san was the shop owner’s grandson and just a student, I once again realized that he was an indispensable existence for Kura...

Chapter 5: After the Festival (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 5 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 5 Part 3 After Akihito-san left, the interior of Kura, which had been quite lively, suddenly quietened down. All that flowed in the air was a gentle jazz rhythm. Holmes-san put away the reading materials, while I placed the empty coffee cups onto a tray. “…As I thought, I can’t get used to wearing a yukata. I feel like it will make my work a lot...

Chapter 4: Case of the Mt. Kurama Estate Inheritance (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 4 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 4 Part 3 “—Alright.” The next day at nine o’clock in the morning, I went to Demachiyanagi Station to meet with Holmes-san. I arrived slightly earlier than the meeting time, and properly parked my bicycle at the bicycle lot next to the station. Incidentally, Demachiyanagi Station is just to the East of the confluence of the Kamogawa River and...

Chapter 3: A Million Wishes (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 3 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 3 Part 3 The next day. I was riding my bicycle towards Hyakumanben. Hyakumanben Chionji was not that far from my house. It was actually even closer than Teramachi Sanjou. I traveled down south on Shimogamo Main Road until it merged with Imadegawa Road, then turned left (East). I eventually reached a large, busy intersection known as “Hyakumanben...

Chapter 2: In Days of Aoi (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 2 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 2 Part 3 —A few days later. It was a weekday, and as usual, I went to help out at Kura after school. “Well then, I was thinking of changing the displays by the window, so could you take the current items down, Aoi-san?” I energetically nodded and replied, “Yes,” as Holmes-san approached holding a box. My role here was usually limited to...

Chapter 1: Hoping to be under the Cherry Trees (Part 2)


Full Text Chapter 1 Part 1 | Contents | Chapter 1 Part 3 “Good morning.” As usual, I steadied my breathing in front of the shop, then opened the antique door. The door bell tinkled as I walked in, and I caught sight of two men sitting at the counter. “Good morning, Aoi-san.” One of them was the person who had invited me to this part-time job, Yagashira Kiyotaka-san, or as he is widely known...

The Tempo Loss Bishop Exchange of Haruhi Suzumiya (Part 2)


Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter It was a day in early winter, near the end of our first year. I turned up at the SOS Brigade Clubroom, only to witness a rare occurrence. “Umm, this, silver general, right? My silver general has been captured, right……” “Shall we make it such that Asahina-san’s silver generals will never die?” “Is something like that alright?” “Of course. If anyone has a...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 2)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 2 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter Not intentionally waiting for Haruhi, who had still not arrived, Koizumi, Asahina-san and I started the completely luck-based game of Old Priest, but we didn’t get much time on that emotional roller-coaster. No one had drawn the Old Priest yet, and consequently, we were still in the early phases of the game, with multiple...

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