Lesson 3 – Katakana (Ya ~ N), Diphthongs


Overview Lesson 3 Katakana Table Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the last 4 columns of the Katakana table, and we will also finally learn how to make all sorts of sounds with Katakana diphthongs! Katakana (Eighth column) Katakana (Ninth column) Katakana (Last two columns) Like in the Hiragana table, ヰ (Wi) and ヱ (We) are considered obsolete. Diphthongs Just like with Hiragana, diphthongs...

Lesson 4 – Hiragana (Ma ~ Yo), Diphthongs


Overview Hello everyone! I hope you’ve all been keeping up thus far. In this lesson, we will be going through the 7th and 8th columns of the Hiragana chart, as well as diphthongs that can be produced. Hiragana – Seventh Column The seventh column is associated with the ‘m’ sound, so the the first letter, ま, is read as ‘mah’, and so on. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. Hiragana...

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