Petit Bourgeois Volume 5: The New York Cheesecake Mystery (Part 1)

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The Paris Macaron Mystery (Part 6) | Contents | The New York Cheesecake Mystery (Part 2)

Osanai-san and I had an arrangement whereby we would protect each other from troubling situations, as well as monitor each other so that we do not break the oaths we’d made in our hearts. However, that pact was only effective in school on regular weekdays, and there was no precedent of me meeting up with her outside school on a holiday. Thus, I couldn’t help being surprised when, on a cool Friday in October, I was stopped in the hallway by Osanai-san during the lunch break and was asked the question, “Could you accompany me this coming Sunday?”

The afternoon hallway was filled with many students of the same grade going back and forth, and a few of them cast a glance at us with interest. It was convenient for this perception to spread, that Osanai-san and I were a duo, or in other words, dating. Bearing in mind that she could have a serious problem which required utmost secrecy, I lowered my voice.


But Osanai-san shook her head.

“It’s not like that. It’s just that I’m going to a Cultural Festival, and I want you to come along.”

Of course, it wasn’t the Cultural Festival of Funado High School, which we attend. Was another high school nearby holding their Cultural Festival on a Sunday? That was a topic I did not have deep interest for, so nothing came to mind.

“Cultural Festival? Which one?”

“Reichi Middle School.”

“Oh, a middle school?”

That was a name I’d heard before. If memory served, it was a school that was strong in Kendo and Judo. It was not located within the city, so we would have to travel a fair distance to get there.

“At this point, may I ask why you want to go there?”

To my question that presented the possibility of answering after moving to a different location, Osanai-san thought for a short while before giving a clear reply.

“To cut a long story short, one of the booths there is a patisserie.”


I was a little concerned about whether going to a middle school out of the city for cake was fitting for our symbiotic relationship. If it was to simply share a meal, I would have no choice but to refuse. I would eat cake with Osanai-san on Sunday only if she needed some kind of excuse, and if my presence there would help in that regard.

I pointedly questioned her about that.

“Is there a point for me being there?”


She instantly replied. If so, it was out of my hands. Osanai-san wouldn’t call me out for a reason like “It’s uncool if I’m alone”. There must be some circumstances to her request.

“I see. Fine, Sunday it is, then. Shall we decide on the details via email?”


I turned on my heel back to the classroom, but another line was directed at me from behind.

“Um, Kobato-kun…”

I looked behind to see Osanai-san with her face brimming with anticipation, doubtlessly of a joyous experience.

“Y’know, at that Cultural Festival… there’s going to be New York cheesecake!”

As I returned a light smile, an image of the bloodless, tearless demons of Wall Street competing ruthlessly with each other in cheesecake futures trading appeared at the back of my mind. It probably wouldn’t come to that, right?

The Paris Macaron Mystery (Part 6) | Contents | The New York Cheesecake Mystery (Part 2)

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