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Chapter 2: In Days of Aoi (Part 8)


Full Text Chapter 2 Part 7 | Contents | Chapter 2 Part 9 Forest of Correction. That’s the name of the forest in the grounds of Shimogamo Shrine. There is a large stone monument with the words “World Cultural Heritage” near the shrine entrance that leads out to a granite path. From that point, a walkway extends straight towards the main shrine. The primary forest on both sides of that road is the...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 8)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 8 Prev Chapter Contents Afterword Thanks to the cacophony caused by the opening and closing of the door as well as Haruhi’s mouth, “Hanyuu?!” Asahina-san returned from dreamland with a jolt. After hurriedly trying to stand up in a fluster, she mumbled a greeting. “Ah, ah, Suzumiya-san, good morning!” “Morning, Mikuru-chan!” Haruhi seemed to be in a good mood...

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