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Holmes of Kyoto Vol 2 Chapter 1: The Philosophy of Judgment (Part 7)


Full Text Chapter 1 Part 6 | Contents | Chapter 1 Part 8 After changing, I went out of the inner room and found that some guests had already arrived, and the hall was bustling with chatter. The first people that entered my view were familiar faces, with Ueda-san, Mieko-san, as well as Akihito-san. “—We reached the final day of the performance last week, so we’ll be returning to Tokyo the...

Chapter 2: In Days of Aoi (Part 7)


Full Text Chapter 2 Part 6 | Contents | Chapter 2 Part 8 “—Holmes-san, do you really know who the culprit is?” After returning to Kura in Teramachi Sanjou, I numbly asked in a loud voice, while Holmes-san returned a conspicuous frown. “Please don’t say something like ‘culprit’ in such a loud voice. Don’t you think this is an insecure shop?” Upon hearing those words, I was taken aback and...

The Tempo Loss Bishop Exchange of Haruhi Suzumiya (Part 7)


Prev Chapter Contents Full Text An ordinary scene of modern-day Japan unfolded on the other side of the window. The conflict, with the highlight being the bloodshed between those modern weapons and evil spirits of mountains and rivers, had disappeared without a trace. After the cold wind had pushed the clouds away, all that was left was an expanse of blue winter sky, far off in the distance. The...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 7)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 7 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter “Right, of the Seven Wonders, we only have one left.” You shouldn’t be saying it with such a reluctant tone, though. Koizumi fluttered through the printouts as he spoke. “There are some major categories of school supernatural stories that we haven’t taken up yet, like skeleton samples dancing, the Music Room’s portrait of...

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