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Lesson 1 – Katakana (A ~ To), Long Vowels, Double Consonants


Overview Lesson 1 Katakana Table Hello, everyone, and hope you have a great Christmas! Today, we will look at the Katakana table. Katakana is another kind of alphabet, like Hiragana. The letters are mainly used for loan words like クリスマス (Christmas) and sound effects like コンコン (Knocking sound). Each letter in the Katakana table corresponds to a letter in the Hiragana table, so they have the same...

Lesson 1 – Hiragana (A ~ Ko), Long Vowels


Overview In this lesson, we will be learning the first two columns of the Hiragana table (from right to left). We have to know how to pronounce each letter, how they are written and how they are represented in English (Also known as Romaji). As we look at each letter, try writing them out on a piece of paper. At the end of the lesson, I will give a brief explanation of long vowels, as well as...

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