Lesson 3 – Katakana (Ya ~ N), Diphthongs


Overview Lesson 3 Katakana Table Hello everyone! Today, we will look at the last 4 columns of the Katakana table, and we will also finally learn how to make all sorts of sounds with Katakana diphthongs! Katakana (Eighth column) Katakana (Ninth column) Katakana (Last two columns) Like in the Hiragana table, ヰ (Wi) and ヱ (We) are considered obsolete. Diphthongs Just like with Hiragana, diphthongs...

Lesson 2 – Katakana (Na ~ Mo)


Overview Lesson 2 Katakana Table あけましておめでとうございます! Or, Happy new year! Today, we will look at the next three columns of the Katakana table. Katakana (Fifth column) Katakana (Sixth column) Note that ヘ is exactly the same in Katakana as in Hiragana. That makes it easier to remember, doesn’t it? Katakana (Seventh column) Additional Sounds Now, let’s take a look at the additional sounds...

Lesson 1 – Katakana (A ~ To), Long Vowels, Double Consonants


Overview Lesson 1 Katakana Table Hello, everyone, and hope you have a great Christmas! Today, we will look at the Katakana table. Katakana is another kind of alphabet, like Hiragana. The letters are mainly used for loan words like クリスマス (Christmas) and sound effects like コンコン (Knocking sound). Each letter in the Katakana table corresponds to a letter in the Hiragana table, so they have the same...

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