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Case of the Spring-Exclusive Strawberry Tart Chapter 1: Sheep’s Clothing (Part 1)


Full Text Prologue | Contents | Chapter 1 Part 2 If someone asked if I have confidence in myself, I would have answered in the negative. Unless the one asking that question was a god and could guarantee that no one would think badly of me even if I told the truth. If so, I would have likely said that “I didn’t even consider the chance of failing.” Funado High School was known as a highly...

Case of the Spring-Exclusive Strawberry Tart: Prologue


Contents | Chapter 1 Part 1 It might be unrefined to begin with the contents of a dream right off the bat, but after some deep reflection, it seems best to start from there. It’s better than ending with a dream, in any case. In the dream, I was accusing a classmate, as a crowd of people watched on. It was that kind of situation. “In other words, XX-kun, with all this proof, the truth is as clear...

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