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Seven Wonders Overtime (Full Text)


Today, a tense atmosphere was floating in the Literary Club Room, which was a rare occurrence. The only sounds seeping through the closed window from the outside world were the shouts of the baseball team, whose bark was worse than their bite; the noise of the wind ensemble’s trombone practice, which betrayed the players’ sore lack of skill; as well as the slight warbling of birds and the...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Afterword)


I deeply apologize for the long silence. This is Nagaru Tanigawa. By the way, the preface of a chapter in Kokon Chomonjū titled ‘Monstrosities’ uses an excerpt from a poem by the famous Bai Juyi: “Such men and not their homes are wretched”. Speaking in simple terms, in means, “When a calamity befalls someone, it is not the fault of the house they are living in, but it caused directly by that...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 8)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 8 Prev Chapter Contents Afterword Thanks to the cacophony caused by the opening and closing of the door as well as Haruhi’s mouth, “Hanyuu?!” Asahina-san returned from dreamland with a jolt. After hurriedly trying to stand up in a fluster, she mumbled a greeting. “Ah, ah, Suzumiya-san, good morning!” “Morning, Mikuru-chan!” Haruhi seemed to be in a good mood...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 7)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 7 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter “Right, of the Seven Wonders, we only have one left.” You shouldn’t be saying it with such a reluctant tone, though. Koizumi fluttered through the printouts as he spoke. “There are some major categories of school supernatural stories that we haven’t taken up yet, like skeleton samples dancing, the Music Room’s portrait of...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 6)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 6 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter Koizumi stopped flipping the printouts at a particular page. “This could be useful. An anatomical model of the human body that starts moving at night.” Why is it that whenever we come to the topic of humanoid figures, you always want them to move on their own? “A dummy wandering around the school at night…… would be too...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 5)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 5 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter During tea break time, Asahina-san refilled everyone’s teacups again, allowing me to feel at ease. Let’s hurry up and deal with the last three phenomena already. Koizumi put down his teacup and picked up Miss Mystery Society’s report. “How about a never-opened door? It’s a door somewhere in the school that cannot be opened no...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 4)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 4 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter  “Another major paranormal tale is related to the music room.” Deep into the night, music from a piano can be heard from a supposedly empty music room – that’s how the tale that anyone can easily think of goes, anyway. “The mystery-style solution would be that someone left a phone or recorder in the music room, and an...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 3)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 3 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter Our SOS Brigade Chief had yet to appear. It was a stroke of good luck that she didn’t meet the eccentric Miss Mystery Society. “I should think so too. Thanks to that, we managed to gain some time.” Seeing Koizumi’s triumphant expression, I asked. “What time?” “Some time to think about the Seven Wonders of this high school, of...

Seven Wonders Overtime (Part 2)


Seven wonders overtime – Part 2 Prev Chapter Contents Next Chapter Not intentionally waiting for Haruhi, who had still not arrived, Koizumi, Asahina-san and I started the completely luck-based game of Old Priest, but we didn’t get much time on that emotional roller-coaster. No one had drawn the Old Priest yet, and consequently, we were still in the early phases of the game, with multiple...

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