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Holmes of Kyoto Vol 2 Chapter 5: Confusion and Enlightenment (Full Text)


Prev Chapter | Contents ––We should all realise that we can only talk about the bad forgeries, the ones that have been detected; the good ones are still hanging on the walls. Théodore Rousseau 1 It was now nearing the end of October, and we could see the signs of autumn deepening. Like every day, quiet jazz was playing in the antique store Kura. As they say, fall is the season of the...

Chapter 5: Confusion and Enlightenment (Part 7)


Full Text Chapter 5 Part 6 | Contents As we were leaving the main hall, I saw the two beautiful windows out of the corner of my eyes. The rectangular Window of Confusion, which represents the trials and tribulations of human life, and the round Window of Enlightenment, which represents the greater universe. After reaching the peak of his craft as a forger, Enshou tried moving towards...

Chapter 5: Confusion and Enlightenment (Part 6)


Full Text Chapter 5 Part 5 | Contents | Chapter 5 Part 7 —We continued moving North. The interior of the car was filled with a tense atmosphere… or at least that was what I thought. “Seriously, he calls himself Moria just because of Moriarty? That’s really funny.” Sitting in the back, Akihito-san roared with laughter as he slapped the seat next to him. In a way, he’s the strongest...

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