Chapter 4: A Long Night in Autumn (Part 1)


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“Aoi-san, is it possible for you to stay overnight?”


It was a quiet Saturday evening.

As usual, I was doing odd jobs in Kura, when Holmes casually asked me that question, as if he meant nothing of it.

Stay overnight? What does he mean by that?

Could he be inviting me on a holiday with him?

Going on a holiday with Holmes… but why?

I couldn’t think of what to say as my heart pounded excitedly.

“Sorry, Aoi-san.”

Holmes narrowed his eyes apologetically.

“I think you’ve misunderstood.”

He continued, causing me to squeak, “Heh?”

“Actually, we’ve decided to appraise the antiques left in the house of Akihito-san’s aunt, which has just become empty. Apaprently, there are quite a lot of antiques there, so Akihito-san said, ‘Since we’ll take the trouble to go there, let’s stay there,’ and insisted on that. I’m not really inclined to staying the night alone with him, so I thought it’d be great if you could come along as well, Aoi-san.”


I stood stock still with my mouth agape as reality ended up quite far removed from my expectations.

So he invited me to stay over at the house of Akihito-san’s relative, which has recently become empty.

Ahh, I was jumping to conclusions!

That was such a big leap from “stay overnight”!

Of course, Holmes wouldn’t invite me to go on a vacation with him.

But even so, staying over with Holmes-san and Akihito-san sounds fun.

“Are you fine with it, Aoi-san? It’s on next Saturday.”

“Ah, yes, sure, I want to go.” I came to my senses and nodded strongly.

“By the way, where is Akihito-san’s relatives’ place?”

“He said it’s close to Tōfuku-ji. It’s the house of Kajiwara-sensei’s older sister. Since her husband has passed away, she wants to sell the house, but before that, she wants to sell all the items in the house.”

I see, one house might be too big to live in alone.

But even so…

“There are that many artworks that you have to stay over there?”

“The man who passed away was an antique collector, who said that he didn’t mind if his antiques were sold after his death. Well, I don’t think it’s so bad that we have to stay overnight, but I think Akihito-san wants to spend the day with both of us.”

“What do you mean?”

“The first episode of that program will be broadcast on that day.”

I hit my hand and went, “Ah!” as Holmes-san smiled gently.

“That program which introduces Kyoto!”

It certainly wasn’t impossible for him to want to see it with Holmes-san.

At that moment, the fixed phone in Kura rang, and Holmes-san quickly picked up the receiver.

“Yes, this is Kura,” he simply answered.

“…Yes, I am Yagashira Kiyotaka,” he said as he nodded.

As usual, I continued cleaning up, but I was still listening out for that phone conversation.

“No, no, I didn’t do much… Yes.”

A grin appeared on his face.

“Ah, yes, I understand. Later, then. Goodbye.”

Holmes-san pressed a button to hang up the phone, then placed the receiver back in its cradle.

Who exactly was that? It didn’t seem like a customer.

“It was from Akihito-san’s office.”

As always, he read my thoughts and answered my question.

“By Akihito-san’s office, you mean the entertainment office, right?”

If I remember correctly, it’s a famous production company called AK Company.

“Yes, the person on the phone was Akihito-san’s manager.”

“Why did Akihito-san’s manager call you?”

“He just checked the first episode that will be broadcast soon, and he was surprised by the quality of the recording. He checked with Akihito-san, and my name came up. He called me just to give his thanks.”

“I see. He’s such a courteous person.”

“In that kind of industry, courtesy and an eye for details are necessary.”

I see, that certainly sounds true.

I’ve heard that even if the talents themselves act rashly on TV, they’re still valued if they’re staffed by people who keep a low profile and are courteous backstage.

“By the way, you said, ‘Later, then,’ right? So he’ll call again?”

“Yes, he wants to discuss more about Akihito-san, so I told him that he could call again later at night. My guess is that he wants me to accompany Akihito-san to the location before recording, just like last time.”

“Wow, the first episode is so well-produced, huh. I’m looking forward to it!”

“Yes, me too.”

The two of us looked at each other and giggled.

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