Chapter 2: In Days of Aoi (Part 4)


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After the Miyashita family had left, Holmes-san stared at the two threatening letters while sitting on the sofa, as if he were digesting them.

His eyes were serious, but his mouth showed the hint of a smile.

“…Did you figure something out?”

“Yes, just a little.”

He then closed his mouth. I could tell that he was not willing to say anymore for now.

“Right, I’m leavin’ it to ya, Kiyotaka!”

 Holmes-san openly frowned at Owner, who had swiftly put on his hat.

“Where exactly are you going?”

“Ahh, well, to Ponto-chō1.”

“Seriously, just when I think you’re back for the first time in such a long time, you push off an annoying case to me, then go off and play. In the first place, why is it that I’m the one who has to deal with this?”

Holmes-san sighed heavily in exasperation with the threatening letters in his hand. In response, Owner laughed.

“Well, of course! The Miyashita family didn’t want to blow up the situation, which would give rise to unpleasant rumors about them, and also couldn’t go to the police, so they were uncertain about what to do. Seeing them like this, I just had to go and say, ‘Why not consult Kiyotaka, that grandson of mine is known as the Holmes of Teramachi Sanjou!’”

“Really, you ‘just’ had to say that? In any case, you’re always leaving your shop and doing whatever you want without closing it down. Father and I have our own jobs to do, while you always pretend that you’re busy being the national appraiser and actually going on holiday overseas with other women. On top of that, you even tried hitting on Aoi-san, who’s helping out with the shop!”

Through that scolding, Owner was shutting his ears and chanting, “Can’t hear a thing!” in a loud voice.

…Is he a kid?

“I’m the one who developed your abilities, and now you’re being ungrateful and telling me off like this?

“This and that are completely unrelated problems.”

“Well, anyway, that’s me. Meeting with people and talking to young girls are both part of my job of polishing my sensitivities. Alright, I’ll be off to the geisha district2, then!”

Owner hurriedly escaped through the front door of the shop.

“I had something to confirm with Owner, too. Looks like I’ll have to call him later.”

Holmes-san talked to himself, then took a deep breath.

I wonder what he needed to confirm?


“Holmes-san and Manager give off the same vibe, but Owner is a totally different type, huh.”

I murmured, causing Holmes-san to show a wry smile.

“You’re right. My father and I respect my grandfather, but some parts of him leave us laughing only for the wrong reasons.”

“…I, I see. Come to think of it, Owner initially said that he was going to Ponto-chō, but when he was leaving, he said he was going to the geisha district. Which one is he actually going to?”

“Ponto-chō is also known as a geisha district.”

“Oh, really? I always thought that geisha district referred to Gion.”

“Yes, that is right. Kamishichiken, Gion Kōbu, Gion West3, Shimahara4, Ponto-chō and Miyagawa-chō are all known as geisha districts. Together, they’re called the ‘Six geisha districts of Kyoto’.”

“I see.”

I only knew about Gion and Ponto-chō, but Kyoto’s geisha districts always gave me an impression of grace and elegance.

“That reminds me, Aoi-san. Do you mind coming along with me to the Saiō representative’s flower exhibition? Going there as a lone young man would make me stick out like a sore thumb.”

Holmes-san raised his head and grinned.

“Yes. I’m also curious about it, so please take me with you,” I said, nodding strongly.

“Now, this makes it seem like I’m hitting on you, albeit in a different vein from Owner.”

Holmes-san chuckled, while I was at a loss for words, and I could feel my cheeks turning red.

“Just kidding. I don’t have any impure thoughts, so don’t worry.”

Tension drained from my muscles after hearing his smooth continuation.

“…As I thought, you’re mean.”

I shrugged, causing a cheeky grin to appear once again on Holmes-san’s face.

Thinking that I was just being made to dance on the palm of his hand, I felt a little irritated.

…I wonder how far Holmes-san is in this case of the threatening letters.

No doubt he’ll figure something out after going to the exhibition and meeting the two suspects (?).

As I had that thought, my heart suddenly beat faster.

In many ways, I was looking forward to the flower exhibition.

That was probably imprudent, since the Saiō representative was grieved at heart over the threatening letters.

Then again, in order to clear up her sorrow, it would be great for this incident to be solved as soon as possible.

Firmly wishing for that to be the case, I clasped my hands tightly.

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  1. A district in Kyoto home to many Geisha houses.
  2. On the topic, geisha are not prostitutes (contrary to popular belief) but women who entertain through art, dance and song.
  3. Not very sure about this, but I presume that Gion Kōbu and Gion West are two different parts of the Gion district.
  4. In fact, Shimahara is already defunct as a geisha district and is usually excluded from such lists.

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